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Can someone please explain the movie "Smokin' Aces to me?

Like I don't get why that guy pulled the plug at the end. And there are some other things like who was the guy that killed that guy in the 1950s? I thought that movie was hard to follow, and did the Buddy guy have plastic surgery too. Because there was that one part in the movie where he was looking at himself in the mirror closing his eyes and covering his face.


The first answer sucks ballsack

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    The target

    Jeremy Piven as Buddy "Aces" Israel: A former Las Vegas stage magician turned wannabe crime boss who is holed up in the penthouse of a Lake Tahoe hotel while negotiating for witness protection.

    [edit] The feds

    Ryan Reynolds as Richard Messner: A rookie FBI special agent working with his partner and mentor Donald Carruthers. They discover a threat to Israel's life and are assigned to keep him in protective custody.

    Ray Liotta as Donald Carruthers: A veteran FBI special agent and the partner and mentor of Richard Messner.

    Andy García as Stanley Locke: The soft-spoken and ruthless Assistant Director of the FBI. He is Messner and Carruthers' immediate superior, and is negotiating for Buddy Israel's testimony.

    Mike Falkow as Freeman Heller: A legendary former OSS operative turned FBI agent who was the first undercover operative in bureau history. After infiltrating the Carlotta crime family in the 1940s, he was allegedly murdered by future family boss Primo Sparazza.

    [edit] The mob

    Joseph Ruskin as Primo Sparazza: The invalid, Las Vegas-based boss of the Carlotta crime family, who has been operating with impunity since the 1940s. He is Buddy Israel's former patron and, after learning that Israel plans to testify, he hires contract killer Lazlo Soot to kill him and cut out his heart.

    Alex Rocco as Sidney K. Serna: The underboss of the Carlotta crime family. After learning of the contract on Israel, he senses an opportunity to gain leverage on his boss and hires two contract killers of his own to abduct Israel before Soot can kill him.

    David Proval as Victor "Buzz" Padiche: A capo in the Carlotta crime family and Serna's right-hand man. He is dispatched to personally hire Sykes and Watters.

    [edit] The assassins

    Tommy Flanagan as Lazlo Soot: A legendary hitman and master of disguise who wears realistic latex masks. He agrees to kill Israel for a $1 million bounty.

    Alicia Keys as Georgia Sykes: A female contract killer. She and her partner, Sharice Watters, are hired by Serna to abduct Israel from his hotel before Soot can kill him.

    Taraji P. Henson as Sharice Watters: A female contract killer and the partner of Georgia Sykes. She is an outspoken feminist and is an ever-so-slightly closeted lesbian with a crush on her partner.

    Nestor Carbonell as Pasqual "The Plague" Acosta: A Latin American mercenary notorious for both his love of torture and his having chewed off his own fingertips while in SAS custody to avoid identification by Interpol. He learns of the contract on Israel and tries to collect on it himself.

    Chris Pine as Darwin Tremor: The eldest of the Tremor brothers, a trio of redneck, speed-freak, neo-Nazi skinhead hitmen with a penchant for scorched earth tactics. They get wind of the hit on Israel and decide to hone in on the action.

    Kevin Durand as Jeeves Tremor: The largest and youngest of the Tremor brothers.

    Maury Sterling as Lester Tremor: The smallest of the Tremor brothers.

    [edit] The bounty hunters

    Jason Bateman as Rip Reed: An insecure, disheveled, and perverse attorney with any number of paraphilias and addictions. His law firm bailed Israel out of jail, so he hires three bounty hunters to get him back before he officially jumps and they forfeit the bond.

    Ben Affleck as Jack Dupree: A world-weary Las Vegas bail bondsman who is hired to bring Buddy Israel back from Lake Tahoe and see that he makes his next court appearance.

    Peter Berg as "Pistol Pete" Deeks: A former Las Vegas vice cop fired from the force for corruption. He and his partner Hollis are hired by Dupree to help him recover Israel.

    Martin Henderson as Hollis Elmore: A former Las Vegas vice cop and the partner of Pistol Pete. He was not corrupt, but took the fall anyway for sticking with Pete.

    [edit] The entourage

    Common as Sir Ivy: Buddy Israel's best friend, bodyguard, and right-hand man. He is unflaggingly loyal to Israel, but begins to suspect that he may be sold out along with the mob when Israel gets transactional immunity.

    Joel Edgerton as Hugo Croop: An Eastern European bodyguard and hanger-on. He is killed by Lazlo Soot, who impersonates him for much of the film.

    Christopher Michael Holley as Beanie: Israel's favorite procurer. He, too, is killed by Soot.

    [edit] Cameos

    Curtis Armstrong as Morris Mecklen: Buddy Israel's talent agent, who acts as his attorney while negotiating his deal with the feds.

    Matthew Fox as Bill: The head of security at the Lake Tahoe hotel where much of the action occurs.

    Wayne Newton as Himself: "Mr. Las Vegas" appears onstage with Buddy Israel during a flashback sequence.

    Joe Carnahan, the film's writer-director, has a cameo as an armed robber at the beginning of the film.

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