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do i need a abn for my business?

i want to build and sell computers in my own home,but i don't know if it is only going to buy my own parts and build it and sell it in the trading post or ebay ,or advertise it

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    Best is to ask the Tax office if you in doubt, I can only tell you that if you have it registered as a business that you be able to buy and sell better, meaning you get a Business discount and avoid paying the 10% GST when buying parts, but for a start I would just see how you go if you good and do the right thing by People you have it going in no time from your previous answers I know you will do the right thing by your costumers and word spreads round easy. My Brother in the US has just done so and within 5 months he's turning a profit and can't keep up with the work, So good luck to you

    Source(s): 25 years of computing and twice the know how
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