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Possibly broken camera (Kodak M893)?

So, my camera was sitting on the arm of a couch taking a video of something and I stopped the video to answer the door. When I came back, my camera had fallen on the floor and looked as if it was turned off. I pressed the power button to see if it would turn on so I could turn it off and the lens would go in. I turned it on and it made the power on noise and showed the "Kodak EasyShare System" starting screen but the screen went black after, though it still appeared to be on. When I tried to turn it off again, a little sound came from the lens as if it were trying to go back in but was stuck.

Any suggestions? Will I need to take it in to be fixed? Can it even be fixed?


Pushing the lens in isn't working . . . :\ it won't budge.

Update 2:

What makes it dysfunctional if it /fell/? It didn't break on its own.

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    I would try taking the battery out for a few minutes and placing it back in first. Then turn the camera on and off to see if it can get synced backup with the lens position. If the lens won't go back in you might try gently pushing lens in when it tries on its own. (the lens housing may have been knocked slightly out of place when it fell)

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  • stan l
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    Sounds more like definitely broken. A 100 buck camera with a dysfunctional lens mechanism is not worth paying to repair.

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