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Will I have cell phone service on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada?

I have Verizon, and my plan is based in Montana. I have an LG En-V 2, I don't know if that matters. But, the whole family is going to Vancouver Island in a couple of weeks, so I just wanted to know. Thanks!


I have Verizon, and my plan is based in Montana. I have an LG En-V 2, I don't know if that matters. But, the whole family is going to Vancouver Island in a couple of weeks, so I just wanted to know. Thanks!


Okay! I found out through the Verizon Wireless website coverage locator, that I will have service where I'm going, which is Ucluelet. Thanks everyone so much for the help!

Update 2:

Sorry about repeating what I said, haha

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    Call Verizon and find out which Canadian company covers your service in Canada, then you can check their coverage map. Cell phone coverage(I have Rogers) on Vancouver Island isn't bad along the east coast but can be spotty elsewhere because of topography. Mine is present but weak at home. I can talk on my cell out on the porch but not in the house.

    Edit: if Verizon is CDMA and connects to Telus, as Martin G suggests, then you'll get decent coverage on Vancouver Island, similar to what I get on Rogers and maybe better in some places.

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    Be careful with the roaming charges.

    HINT: I would leave your phone off full time and only turn it on for making an outgoing call, or expecting an incoming call. You will be on the Telus Network who will bill your roaming charges through Verizon.

    Particularly if you have a blackberry and downloading emails . . . unless you have lots of $$$$$$ please heed my advise.

    Have a great time in Ucluelet . .I've been there many times, beautiful spot. You will want to drive south by 45 minutes to Tofino . . that is even nicer, more people, more shopping (little curio shops) and beautiful long sandy beaches.

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    Verizon is CDMA. A contract account should have roaming in Canada. I don't think Verizon pre-pay does. CDMA networks in Canada are Bell and Telus.

    I do not have actual experience with any of these.

    My own phone, T-mobile, can roam in Canada to Rogers, which is GSM. Verizon does not roam to Rogers.

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  • John W
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    Also, be aware that you will be in the "roaming mode" when on Vancouver Island and calls can get quite expensive. You will possibly be trunked through Telus which is the prime BC carrier.

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    well, I think the best thing to do is call Verizon and ask or go to the website or do something like e-mail them or go to a verizon store and ask them. I'm sure they have all the answers.

    Source(s): I have verizon.
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    Rogers Wireless Coverage Map Bc

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    if you are going to uclulet, you wont need a cell phone. there will be more things to do than to talk to your pals back home

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    Where there are teenagers - there are cellphones.

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