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Who are your top 10 Best Comic Book Super Villains?

They must be Super Villains that started in Comic Books not movies, video games, tv shows, or anywhere else outside of comic books.

Please give reasons defending your answers.

Here are my top 10 best super villains. Please give feedback on my choices.

1.Red Skull He's far from a ghastly ordinary Nazi. The guy cares for no one but himself. He represents just about all of the dismal things with humanity from genocide, narrowmindess, nihilism, mass murder, Fascism, to name some. Even the mind raping savage Faustos, Joker, Dr.Doom, and Magneto are so offended by the abject vileness that they refused to work with him. He even claims he's not a Nazi but in fact smarter than them or something along that line or arrogance which in fact makes him more abject and arrogant than Nazis.

2.Green Goblin (Norman Osborne) He's the deplorable trash demon that keeps rising. The same individual that ended the Silver Age killing Gwen Stacy the girlfriend of Spider Man at the time. A grand example of it's hard to keep a good man down but a bad man is even harder that is Norman. He's tormented and strongly antagonized Spider Man for years enjoying it as well as other super heroes, and at the moment controls a strong portion of the US in the Marvel Universe. Also Norman rarely shows humility for anyone so even when he's not the Green Goblin he's antagonizing people. He's really stepped up his game, and is trying to mislead the Public that many well known super heroes have gone evil with his dark avengers disguised as them including Venom (Mac Gargon) as Spider Man. He's a vile abject demon that continues to equal what he previously did, or he outdoes himself.

3.Darkseid He's manage to operate in the Shadows, and is a Huge Force of Evil in the DC Universe. He's a Lord of Nefarious Evil, and has no problem doing whatever it takes to accomplish his nefarious deplorable goals. Superman is the symbol of top goodness and grand virtue, and Darkseid is the symbol of top evilness and vileness being the same on the Side of Evil. He's proven to be a top Super Villain in the DC Universe battling just about all of DC's finest. He even inspired two other Abject Alien Super Villains Mongul, and Thanos.

4.Magneto He started off slow but soon became a huge super villain. One of the most complex super villains, as well as most interesting with a large amount of depth. He made Wolverine a pansy ripping out his adamintum, and is more than a Match for the X-Men. Such a superb contrast between him, and his complete opposite Profesor X. A huge threat in the Marvel Universe who could be right.

5.Dr.Doom He's proven to be a Huge threat in the Marvel Universe fighting Spider Man, Iron Man, and plenty of other prominent characters in the Marvel Universe. He's a grand example of a Man with a brillant mind but no humbleness at all. Beyond a doubt deplorable devil believing no one to be his equal, nor can he do anything wrong in his Mind. A large case of brillance being used for Evil, and he possibly inspired the badass Darth Vader. You just love to hate him.

6.Joker He gives clowns a large bad name believing your pain to be his amusement, and comedy. For years he's tormented Batman killing Robin (Jason Todd), crippling Babs and tormenting his dad to drive him insane. He's a deplorable abject trash lowlife rotten brutal ghastly atrocious infernal demon that lives to push Batman over the edge, torment him along with others so they will join him. No person has given Gotham City more hell than him, and he's commited just about every crime in the Book. He's aware he's abject trash, loves it, and there is not much he won't do.

7.Anti Monitor He makes both Galactus, and Imperiex look like pansys as he's way more powerful than both him, and no one owns a bigger bodycount in the DCUniverse than him. That alone is enough. Without a doubt a Infernal Barbarian that is without mercy.

8.Lex Luther He started off bad and slow seeming like just another typical mad scientist however he would prove to be a huge force of Evil. As a Criminal Mastermind he's shown to be a formidable adversary for the Man of Steel despite having no superhuman strength mainly using his brillant evil mind. He's a top super villain that has fought many top super heroes in the DC Universe including Bats, and remains a top force of evil.

9.Loki The Lord of Trickery. He could torment you easily, and he wouldn't even have to assault you. Loki is fully aware of what he is, and he enjoys being a plague after years of being mistrusted, and his brother having what he wants. Nothing he won't do to take Thor's posotion.

10.Sinestro He's grown to became a huge super villain in the DC Universe. He's been called a cosmic Hitler which I could see given his mustache, hair, and large ego believing his methods, goal to be right along with he's a hero classic kind of villain. His name is that of treachery as even be he proved to be sinister dictating his own planet of people, and commiting genocide d


Sinestro continued

to Green Lantern (Kilowog) planet cleary showing he has no pity on the level of Joseph Stalin, Adolph hitler, and other barbaric genocidal egomaniacs.

5 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    Dr Doom- He's Marvels main man every hero has fought him

    Norman Osborn- He's done so much to Spider-man and has now started on the rest of the Marvel Universe

    Loki- He tried to destroy the heroes of the Marvel universe and rule Asgard

    Magneto- He's trying to destroy humanity and treatened to reverse the earths Magnetic poles

    Joker- He's crazy and unpredictable

    Lex Luthor- Y'know I'm never actually sure what he's done wrong, but he's a main villain

    Judge Death- He's pure evil

    Venom- He's a hard guy to stop

    Catwoman- She's still a villain

    The Skrulls- Infiltrated the heroes

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Thanos...He's in love with Death what more needs be said.

    2. Darkseid

    3. Lex Luthor

    4. Dr.Doom

    5. Loki

    6. Baron Zemo II ... He formed the Masters of Evil team that did the most damage to the Avengers (emotionally & physically). After the heroes disappeared (during the Onslaught saga) he formed the Thunderbolts(a team still relevant to the Marvel universe) to once again strike, but then eventually tried to seek redemption.

    7. Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin) He's done more to reshape the Marvel landscape as Norman.

    8. Ultimate Magneto..Take a look at Ultimatum and then you decide wether he's better than the regular Magneto who has been reinvented continually and not been made better.

    9. Doomsday... This gimick character was responsible for one of the biggest events in the history of comics..The Death of Superman. But they ruined him with to much exposure in horrible series.

    10. The Joker

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  • 1 decade ago

    Top Villains

    1. Darkseid- total bad dude

    2. Joker- the everyday psycho

    3. Toyman- anybody who uses toys to kill is sick

    4. Lex Luthor- A human who can mess with the best

    4. Dr. Doom- twisted logic for all the bad he does

    5. Cyborg Superman- Someone out to corrupt the ideals of the most noblest hero

    6. The Lizard- a good guy who is a bad villain. Most difficult for a superhero to deal with. Should be in a movie.

    7. Doomsday (DOS)- So powerful with one mindset.

    8. Brainiac- cold, calculating and killed Pa Kent.

    9. Maxima- Good girl gone bad/ bad girl gone good?

    10. Parasite- takes your power

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Doctor Phosphorus who doesn't love a glowing villain lol. I know he isn't very big but he is in some comics fighting against batman robin nightwing.

    2. Talia cause she is batman's son's mom and she is the lead demon in the league of assassins.

    3. Sabertooth I love him, was part of the x-men.

    4.Scarlet Witch she was in the x-men comics she roxxx!! That reminds me

    5. Roxy rocket she was in the batman comics she is really just a thief she steals jewels.

    6.The penguin he had roxy rocket steal jewels for him.

    7. Harvey two-faced was in the earlier batman comics.

    8.Riddler i mean who doesn't love a villan that makes riddles lol also in batman comics.

    9. Poison Ivy was in the earlier batman comics lips of venom that is super awesome.

    10.AquaMan Nobody thinks he is evil but he will be one day I promise!

    Well if you can't tell I have a super obsession with batman. I am a major batman fan I read almost all the comics.

    • Jason C6 years agoReport

      I don't see what is so special about Roxy Rocket. Quite frankly I think she sucks, and is a poor man's Evel Kinevel.

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  • 6 years ago

    10. Loki

    9. The Joker

    8. Doctor Octopus

    7. Doctor Doom

    6. Galactus

    5. Magneto

    4. Ultron

    3. Thanos

    2. Norman Osborn

    1. Venom

    • Jason C6 years agoReport

      But why them for what reasons for each of them?

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