how much does it cost to keep a great dane?

i want to rescue a great dane but i wanna know how much they cost to start of with dont include vet shots and adoption fee just the cost of food (average) and toys beds crate ext.... then tell me how much a month they would be thx

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    Per month, Danes are big eaters and depends on the food grade you purchase, the best food will run you and all the fixings to begin with around 500.00 to get it home and settled in.

    Bed, crate, food, leash, collar, bowls, Pet Tabs Plus, Heart-guard Plus, and then vet checkup and shots and worming.

    Then on the average monthly to feed around 200.00 per month, again depends on the type of eater you get.

    Dogs foods to buy to make sure your new Dane gets all it is suppose to get

    Taste of the Wild





    Blue Buffalo

    do not put the dog on any store bought brands at all, they are full of junk and artificial preservatives, full of wheat, corn and by products.

    and also do not buy these, no matter what the vet tells you, the vets get paid by the dog food companies to promote these.



    Science diet



    all are junk

    always read the labels on the bags, you want high protein and none of these have good ingedients.

    good luck

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    you don't want a dane with anything less than a 2 year health guarantee that covers hips, eyes, and elbows. this means that any genetic problem that arises in those areas will either get you a refund or a replacement puppy. as for money: it all depends on how you go about it. if you feed your dane the cheapest junk food on the shelf your food bill is going to be double, or triple what it would if you were feeding something higher quality. low grain and moderate protein is what you want to go for. or even an all raw diet (aka: prey model, it's a wonderful diet and not nearly as expensie as people think). Diamond Naturals Large Breed food is fantastic for these guys. My friend raises them and the two dogs she has on it only go through about 1-1.5 bags a month. and they average 27.99-29.99 a bag right now. Vet bills will be higher, yes, but most communities offer low-cost vaccinations and spay/neuter packages. also there is the option of administering vaccines yourself (i wouldn't reccommend this unless you have done it before). unfortunately the average life-span of a dane is 8 years or so. their hearts often just give out. hope this helped!

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    Well........ I currently have a 4 month Great Dane/Bullmastiff mix and she eats like crazy!! :) I've only had her for almost two months and we've already gone through two 40lb dog foods. lol. Of course that was when I was feeding her Pedigree.. Which my vet recommended. I agree w/ what someone else said on here... NEVER FEED YOUR DOG WHAT THE VET RECOMMENDS! I have since switched her to Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul.. And she eats a lot less of that and she poops a lot less. lol. At about 9 months to a 1 year I am going to switch her to Taste of the Wild though. I think she'll enjoy that!! :) She is averaging about 5 or 5 1/2 cups a day. Depending on how hungry she is. lol. I just paid $70 for her vet checkup... woo-hoo. I am fixin' to go get her spayed which will be about 50 dollars or so. But ya know what? I wouldn't trade her for anything!! :)

    But the crate I bought was about $100, I haven't gotten her a bed yet, she just has a blanket she adores, and she's got loads of toys that she loses constantly! AND I did all this while still in High School.. I'll be a senior this coming up school year! :) AND I don't have job! I saved up money from Christmas, Birthdays, Cleaning my brother's house for some cash, and anything else you could think of. I am fixin' to get a job though... That is if I can find one around this tiny town. lol.

    Hope you can figure out what you want to do!! :) :)

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    First I want to tell you that Great Dane are very sweet, and good manner dogs (the giant gentle)

    They are very good with Kids and other dogs, they are very smart.

    But you still need to consider the size, and the energy they have (very active dogs) + strong.

    1-You will need a SUV, or a big car.

    2-a big back yard.

    3-they eat 3 times a day (about 2.5 lb total a day)

    4-they have a back problem when they get older (you will have to go to the vet more often than other dogs) make sure he doesn’t jump that much.

    **this dog will make you a very happy dog owner, and will make you love him to death, the other problem is they don’t live too long (10 to 14 years)

    Good luck.

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    This is a hard question to answer. It depends on several things. If you want an average for a healthy dog, I would say anywhere from $100 to $200 a month for food depending on what quality of food you want to get. It adds up quick.

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    1 decade ago or are great places to find a Great Dane up for adoption..They are pretty costly when it comes to medical care expenses and feeding.

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    Realistically not including the unforeseen vet visit about $100 a month. But they are worth every penny. I would pay $1000 a month for our girl. You will not regret it.

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    the average cost is either $10,000 or $80,000 i honestly cant remember im leaning towards $10,000 though...

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