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I am kind of unclear as to how the Jews of the Holocaust ended up in Israel?

I apparently missed learning this detail, not sure how, but I would like to figure out what the relationship is between the Jews of Germany and Poland and the other areas Hitler went after, and Israel. Someone said to me a long time ago that after the Holocaust, they just dumped a lot of the surviving Jews in Israel even though that wasn't their original home, and that's why the Israeles and the Jews fight...if I sound completely confused, that's because I am. I never ask anyone because I am too ashamed to admit my lack of knowledge, so if you have the means to clear me up on this, I am all ears. Thanks so much.

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    Israel is the only place throughout history that can be considered as the home of the Jewish people.

    The original Hebrews have settled in the area around 1200 B.C..

    Most of them have been expelled between 500 and 700 B.C., but over the years there has been a constant presence of Jews in Israel.

    In modern times, the immigration of Jews into Israel has begun toward the end of the 19th century, mainly from Europe (this was a long time before the Holocaust). As antisemitism grew in Europe, more Jews have fled it, some of them - into Israel.

    At the time of WW2 and the Holocaust Israel was under control of the British mandate, who restricted the number of Jewish immigrates into Israel, and many of them were returned to Germany, where they were exterminated by the Nazis.

    After the creation of Israel, Jews from all over the world came to Israel, including Holocaust survivors, but also a very large amount of people from the Arab countries, where persecution against Jews have rised considerably after the creation of Israel.

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    Th eland now k nown as Israel was called Palestine until after the war. There were a great many Jews living there already, and a lot more emigrated there after the war, wanting to get away from Europe (not surprisingly). Most of the land that the Jews owned was purchased from the Palestinians. The state of Israel was created to give the Jews a permanent homeland, but there are many Palestinians who resent their presence, hence the reason for the fighting.

    The Jews naturally graviated to what is now Israel because it is their ancient homeland and at the centre of their religion and their culture.

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    The Zionists started settling in Palestine about 1890. They came from Europe and America. What they did was purchase land from absentee arab landowners. They formed farms called kibbutz. In the 1920's the British stopped legal jewish emigration to Palestine. As thing got bad in Europe, jews could not find anyplace to go. After the war, 80% of the European jews were dead. So, some stayed, but most most went to Israel.

    After the war, Western Germany admitted their guilt, they let the Nazis carry out the Holocaust.

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    You opening can full of words

    Basically Jews were Gassed, Raped and Tortured by European Germans Christians party Nazis.

    The European community sent all European Jews to Palestine which was peacefull inhabitted by Arabs Christians, Arabs Muslims and Arabic speaking Jews and Samaritans.

    So now all Hell break lose, Many Jews are Zionist and many are not, Ultra Orthodox jews even attended and wept at Arfat funeral. Some Jews women in Black supports 1967 UN Resolution East Jerusalm back to Palestine

    Basically the losers are The Caananites and The Ghassanids ( Lebanese Palestine Syrian, Yemenite Christian Ghassanids and Jordanian )

    The winners are Arabian and Cousin Hebrew Jews *win*

    Source(s): The world is full of King and Queens that blind your eyes and steal your dream, its heaven and hell
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    There are no dumb questions, only dumb people who don't ask questions.

    Many surviving European Jews migrated to Palestine, others to North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, and other lands. However, there have ALWAYS been Jews in Palestine, since 4-5000 years ago.

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    If I recall correctly, they had sought refuge in Israel once a Palestinian country from Hitler's Holocaust , commonly known as his " Final Solution." and yes Israel was their original home.

    P.S. refer to World War 2 that's where you get more clarifications to your answers.

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