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What do you think of: WE THE PEOPLE by Lloyd Marcus, NEW Tea Party Unity Song?

Click the Link and Let me Know what You Think:

Thank You!

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Captain Awesome : YUP that 1 is right up their!

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    Not too bad. But unifying a People who've been divided by falsehoods and emotion-over-fact "news" will take much more.

    More of what?

    How about "more of the same"?

    The more anti-Constitutional action our 'servants' in government take, the more we should be uniting against them.

    The emotions-driven media-machine, though, is doing a knock up job of keeping our minds on how different "voters A" are from "voters B". Many remain convinced that those in D.C. (the DC-vers) remain loyal to the ideals of their respective factions (parties).

    Let's take the high road. Just raise questions. Use our cars to state facts damning both parties.

    Most Americans will get the message.

    I know this without the slightest reservation. Because... so many already have.


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