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i need help this is for gamers that use the ps2 and beat ace combat 5 the unsung war?

i need help on beating this mission it's called demons of razgriz aka mission 13 i need to know how to beat this if any one can help please tell me asap

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    If I remember right, Demons of razgriz is the one where you have to sink the enemy sub. If not, then just disregard my answer, and also, keep in mind, the last time I played the game was a few months ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, however, I believe you had to destroy a few ships in the outer ring around the sub, and eventually, it surfaces. from there, you have to pummel the sub with missiles, bombs, and/or machine gun rounds, and watch out for SAM's. eventually (it can take a little while) more targets will appear scattered in different spots on the sub. Take those out, and if I remember right, that should be the end of the mission. Message me if anything doesn't make sense with my answer, I may be able to go back and replay the mission and give you a more thorough walkthrough.

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    google Game Faq's

    it is a website that has strategy guide for you game

    look for your game and it will help you.

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    use a game faq online,

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