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Does anyone know if Dave Matthews Band is going to release the Beacon Theater Show that was on fuse on DVD?

I have seen the guys 5 times live, truely in my top 2 greatest bands to see live. I will get to my question, I sow the Beacon Theater show on DMBs myspace page AND IT KICKED A@#, it is the Best versions of The Dreaming Tree, Ants Marching, and Might Die Trying, that I have ever head. The new horn player is smoking, the whole concert is them at the best ( If you have not seen it you must ) and Timmy rips that fender strat up all night long, anyways does anyone know if this is going to be on DVD if so when?

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    No idea, but it was also aired on Hulu and last time I checked its still available for streaming.

  • Paula
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    hopefully soon

    by da way, their new album rocks! woo hooo

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