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Could this be the real reason conservatives hate universities?

I believe that if everyone was educated the Republican party would be out of business by now. Most liberal people tend to be more educated statistically. You'd think all the poor states in the South would be Democratic because historically the conservatives only care about the rich. It all makes perfect sense when you think about it. Those states have a lesser quality of education on a broad scale than the northern states do. I've heard many radicals claiming universities are full of nothing but bleeding-hearted liberals and whatnot. They're full of educated people who care about all walks of life, and aren't worried about losing their white privilege. So could this be the reason why conservatives hate universities so much? Are they afraid the more educated people are, the more likely we will have a revolution on our hands because working class people will finally realized they've been taken advantage of long enough? That would explain why Republicans want to cut money for financial aid.


If the majority of educated white Americans voted for McCain, then it wouldn't have been a landslide election the other way. Notice the states that have most of the top notch universities like all the Ivy League schools, the Pac 10 schools, and Duke University all went blue?

Update 2:

Well I don't mean to offend you. I'm just trying to state the facts. If it's any consolation, I'm from Texas. I won't deny that my state ranks 49th out of 50 in education. Also, I did mention Duke University which is in the South.

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    There is some truth to what you say. Republicans tend to feel threatened by intelligent Liberal thinkers. Republicans are pro war, religion and anti-education.

    The more education I received the more I began to question the world around me, especially religion. The poor states in the south are controlled by the church doctrine. The preachers actually tell people how to vote and who to vote for.

    A few wealthy republicans support this for their own agenda. They are looking for cheap labor, cheap domestic servants and the less educated are easily manipulated. They encouraged George Bush to relax the Mexican border for example.

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    Do you have statistics showing that Southerners are less educated than Northerners? The statistics I found showed that many in the Midwest and the extreme North are also less educated than those in the North, but the best educated folks are in the West.

    And are you sure you want to equate education with intelligence? Aren't you just subscribing to a common stereotype about Southerners. As one of them, I found parts of this question very offensive.

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    Poor delusional guy. There are more high school dropouts and high school only people in the Dem party. And no, republicans nor conservatives say they hate universities. We are aware that many are filled with American-hating professors and liberal indoctrination occurs but we do not hate them. Your white privelege remark is so outdated. What are you? 75. The republicans do not necessarily want to cut financial aid but we have spent ourselves into such a deep hole that entitlement programs are no longer affordable. People can go to college. They may have to do what I did and work two jobs but they can go. A long time ago, a college education was a privelege you worked for not a right handed to people on a platter. I wish we had mroe educated people. The dumb masses educated in failing school systems are the problem. Intelligent people understand it is the people who make a country great not the govt. They understand that the govt can't create wealth on citizens can,

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    What you're saying is nonsense. Most professionals in private industry are conservative, and virtually all of these professionals are college educated. The only place one generally finds a preponderance of liberals with degrees is in academia. Liberals resort to teaching because they frequently lack the work ethic and interpersonal skills required to survive in private industry.

    I myself have a PhD in electrical engineering and worked for several years as an engineer before going to law school and becoming a patent lawyer. I am a conservative Republican. I can assure you that the scientists and lawyers that I work with on a daily basis are very well educated and predominantly conservative.

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    Dear AUTUMN, It appears that what you said is a bit overdose. --------------------------------------... *She's PRO-LIFE. Isn't this the MAIN reason that she is being so viciously attacked by the liberals and the liberal press? *Her pro-life stance is at the center of it all. *She cradles that precious baby with Down Syndrome *WHILE she runs a state, looks beautiful and takes care of a family of 7. *She puts the pro-death and pro-gay marriage crowd to shame. Isn't this what it gets down to? *PRO-DEATH is Pro-Abortion --------------------------------------... There may be many reasons beyond what you have said for liberals dislike. But whatever she did unreasonable, it effects her own career, as people at the highest level, should have all their personal life also transparent and ideal, lest they suffer out of their own deeds.

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    First of all, Conservatives (and other types of Right wingers) do not hate Universities.

    Second I think any disdain would come in the form of universities requiring a "Liberal Arts" class (mine was American Women Minority was as amazing as you can imagine) but do not require a basic economics or history course.

    Third, while I liked some of my profs. they were all loony toons and I don't think could have survived outside of Academia.

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    Well, when it comes to people who have attended Universities. Good for them.

    Now some of the world's most successful people have been people without any degree. Founder of Ford, Walt Disney, Dell founder, BILL GATES,

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    I agree that students tend to be more liberal, but i think conservatives are more pissed off that none of us can believe in religion with out proof.

    I would say that more and more people make up their own minds rather than follow what their parents believe.

    However many republicans also went to uni's however they probably felt left out as most students disagree with their morals.


    Wow someone can make a video with retarded jokes on it in a computer voice and claim to be stephen hawking.

    Seriously why would he care, he's english he doesn't vote.

    And you Iq compared to his is 0.5.


    Liberal Arts" class.

    What the hell is that?

    To get into uni over here i need a certain amount of ucas points and for my degree, economics, history,law and business is what i used to get in.

    You colleges are screwed if you need liberal arts to go.

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    Academic education does not translate into POLITICAL knowledge. Well educated liberals are among the most politically ignorant people in this country.

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    The majority of White Americans with college degrees voted for John McCain, not Barry.

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