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What does 1994 XS Rhythm Records release (TCD 2746) mean?

I'm thinking about buying a cd on and there is one that i'm looking at but i do not know what the comment from the buyer means. This is what it says: 1994 XS Rhythm Records release (TCD 2746) Like new throughout. What exactly does this mean?

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    Because and album can be released by different labels (record companies) in different years in different countries the seller is letting you know which version it is, ie XS Rhythm Records released this in 1994 (sometimes collectors get iffy about buying reissues).

    The TCD 2746 is just the label's catalog number. Every label has it's own cataloguing system that uniquely identifies each release, used mostly for selling to retailers (it's quicker and more accurate to use the catalog number rather than the artist/title - makes it easier warehousing stock as well).

    'Like new throughout' means it's in reasonable condition. Collectors have a much more formal way of reporting on the condition of an item that your seller isn't aware of or isn't using - if you're interested you can see it here:

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