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What is a biker chick and what do they do?

So recently i was at a campsite for a couple of nights, and there was these bikers there, with Harley's and they sounded like they had fun lol.

So i was just wondering what exactly is a biker chick and what do they do? like how exactly does a biker chick lead her life?

I'm pretty interested.. i think i'd quite like to be one, i know that im not going to be one, but i just want to know exactly what they are and do and stuff (:

thanks in advance (: no mean answers =P x

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    I grew up around bad boys from both Pagans and Warlocks I saw how they treated their women back in the old days, of the 60's and 70's it wasn't half bad but it certainly was not quite right for me. My b.f.'s sister was married to a VP of the local Warlocks chapter and I frequently was there as a teenager, to indulge in the drugs, alcohol and sex. I hung out with a cousin of my own who was married to a VP of a local Pagans chapter. Again, I hung out because I liked the free drugs, booze and so it cost me some sex.

    I was never anybodies old lady, I was too young, so I was allowed to hang out with the guys and gals as long as I did not get in the way. When I turned 16 I got my first street legal bike, and they even let me ride with them sometimes. But one night when I and everyone else in the house was pretty well wasted, someone started shooting for no real good reason. I and my b.f. crawled on our hands and knees out the door and ran down the street before the cops showed up to break up the "fun"..

    From what I have seen in recent years, you have women who are "property" of certain clubs and members and you have women who, just like groupies of rock bands, hook up with some stranger on a bike and live the life with him/her for a few weeks till they get dropped off at some truck stop or decide they have had enough, and return home, or take off with some other stranger.

    Biker chicks come in all sorts of sizes, colors, some of us ride our own bikes some of us ride on the back of others bikes, but all of us get what we want from life, as well as a few surprises thrown in to boot.

    Some other woman suggested Motor Maids-they are the oldest womens riding group out there been around since the early 1900's Those women ride-it is in their bi laws that they must ride their own bikes to meetings and rallys etc.

    I also suggest you check out as Women on wheels is the largest womens riding club. We all ride various different brands of bike, and each for our own reasons. We have chapters in most states and in some foreign countries.

    Source(s): Former Del. State Ambassador for Women on Wheels WOW member for 20 years motorcycle mechanic for 35 years and avid motorcyclist for 40 years
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      Warlock meaning" Outh breaker ' a person that goes back on their word. Some may call themselves a Warlock However" true practitioners are Wiccans/ Witches and so in! It's a misconception as you yourself explain your life' I would Like to explain the truth about Pagans and their True definitions

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    Biker Women

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    They are babes who are living a freedom fantasy, and really like being feminine--finding a biker who will protect and take care of them. It is even better if they are attracted to the biker. Most biker chicks act like any other babe, but the ones really into it look sexy and don't talk very much. They want a good time and want some adventure, or escape--this could be for a period of time, or a destination.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is a biker chick and what do they do?

    So recently i was at a campsite for a couple of nights, and there was these bikers there, with Harley's and they sounded like they had fun lol.

    So i was just wondering what exactly is a biker chick and what do they do? like how exactly does a biker chick lead her life?

    I'm pretty...

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    I'm gonna go with mike on this one,... While I clearly don't ascribe to the old days of the biker chicks, I prefer to show them the respect they deserve. These women are strong willed and don't let anyone push them around. They are no longer doormats. They know how to have a good time and it doesn't always involve drugs and/or alcohol, but there's nothing wrong with a few beers... They sometimes ride their own bike, sometimes not. (I'm having a beautiful custom trike made for my GF). Biker gals are a deceptively supportive group: they are loyal to their man, take no pleasure in prejudice, and is not lazy: she keeps her house clean. They are an intrinsic, gregarious group. You can rest assured you are welcome, but it takes a long time to be trusted... you will feel like an outsider for a while, because you are...

    Source(s): 40 years on 2 wheels
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    I don't know about the "old days" but today, you don't have to be in a gang to enjoy riding a bike. Also, you don't have to be a subservient female rider to belong to a group of friends who enjoy riding together.

    "Biker chicks" are moms, sisters, grammas, and daughters. They're the checker at the grocery store, the barmaid at the local dive, the teller at the bank, the kindergarten teacher, and the stay-at-home mom.

    What *is* the same is that everyone on two wheels rides because they love the way it feels. They like the freedom, the solitude *and* the solidarity.

    I don't think a TRUE biker falls into a category and probably would rather not be called a "biker" at all if they have to adhere to any certain kind of lifestyle to be one.

    Source(s): I like to be on two wheels. :D
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    Not sure exactly what you mean by "biker chick"....

    Are you talking about a 1% motorcycle club? (i.e. Hell's Angels, Bandidos, etc.) If that's the case, you might have to hook up with one of the men and be considered his Ol Lady before you know anything else about the culture.

    If you're talking about a lady who rides and isn't part of a motorcycle club per se, you simply need to get your motorcycle endorsement and a bike and go on your merry little way.

    We are wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, full time employees, stay at home families, professionals, or anything else. We are simply women who ride.

    I suggest that you look into the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and take the basic rider course. It's usually several days long, they provide the bikes and if you pass the course you've passed your requirements for DMV. It gives you a chance to see if you truly enjoy riding before you drop the money on a bike and decide it's not for you.

    If you're looking to join a group, why not the Motor Maids? They are a group of women only riders that have been in operation for decades.

    Or join a group that rides what you do: STAR is Yamaha, Suzuki Riders, HOG (Harley Owners Group), LOH (Ladies of HOG), Red Riders for Honda, etc.

    I myself ride, as does my husband and a lot of our friends. We don't go to Sturgis, the HOG Rallies, the weekend campouts or anything else; we ride, we enjoy it.

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    people who ride are really no different than anyone else. i would say that the reason why they seem like they have more fun is because they are not all caught up in all this political correctness that this world keeps trying to push us to. there is no certain thing that you have to do to be a biker chick to be one except that you like to ride. either on your own bike or with someone.

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    I ride my own motorcycle.

    Biker Chick : A girl, woman, who rides motorcycles of any make or model. She is not afraid to take control of her destiny, or to take risks. She is gifted with a strong desire for adventure and fun, and finds both atop a bike. Biker Chicks are not the property of anyone but themselves, and will not be intimidated by social mandates of what girls/ladies/women should and should not do.

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    Biker chicks are a superior kind of woman who may or may not ride , but appreciates motorcycles and motorcyclists.

    She can shoot pool, change oil, roll a joint on the back of a bike doing 70mph, cook, is loyal and adept at sex.

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