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If JJ Yeley drove Kyle's car, would he win?

Oh wait, he already did...


Chica, gave you a thumbs up for what the hell purposes. Have a nice life. :)

Update 2:

And he did drive the #18 COT...

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    When Kyle drove a Chevy non-COT...he still won races and still made the chase.

    Yeley? Not so much Chica.

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    Does anyone even care? You can't say how someone would do driving someone else's car because it is not just one person who makes the car go fast. yes, the driver is the most important person, but you have to have a great team behind you preparing the car, doing pit stops and a crew chief who knows how to adjust the car to fit what the driver needs from the car at that particular moment in the race. This is really a moot question as far as I am concerned. The real test of Kyles ability would to be to put him in a mediocre car with a so-so team and let him see what he can do. According to every body's logic here he should have won a championship already because the #18 team has 2 or 3 championships. They are different team now than when J.J. drove for them and they are clicking with Kyle and the new car works for him because he likes to drive out of control and that is how the COT runs the best.

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    yeley drove it when tony was #1 for jgr.he probably could,because baby busch doesn't have much talent,he just wrecks everyone and drives like an idiot and the 18 team cheats,that's how they won 8 times last year.busch couldn't do anything in the 5 car and we all know that team is better than all the jgr teams.

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    Yes, he already did. No, he wouldn't. You know, Chica, I was at J.J.'s best career finish. Can you believe it guys? He finished 2nd on a fuel run!

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    no not at all prez, i know this goes without saying but J.J's not a good driver.

    chica- lol, so he drove the non cot chevy along with stewart who had no trouble winning in that car and with denny who had some wins too. you have the right to root for you're driver but you can't say he's the best when its obvious hes not....well you can but you'll just look like a fool.

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    Note to Chica: Did I mention I have a dog named Chica?

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    JJ Yeley getting fired is the answer to your question.


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    A fuel mileage or rain shortened race.

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    I guess anybody has a right to dream, right?

    Go Jr.>>>>

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