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Anonymous asked in SportsTennis · 1 decade ago

Azarenka vs. Wozniaki vs. Rodwanska vs. Pennetta? The next IT girl?

I think these girls are really on a role right now.

At the moment though Pennetta is a bit older so I give her the disadvantage over Azarenka and Wozniaki, and I think Azarenka could be the next big tennis superstar.

So Azarenka,Wozniaki,Pennetta,Rodwanska

What do you think?


I wish Maria Kirilenko would be in the top ten, but you can wish in one hand and sh in the other, right. I still can't believe Vaidisova isn't huge right now and Chakvetadze and Hauntuchova are out of the top.

Update 2:

Check this out, Wozniacki will play Kirilenko next! Kirilenko just lost her Stella Mcartney clothes line to Wozniacki because of her low ranking , I would love to see Kirilenko win, that would be crazy.

Update 3:

Wow, Azarenka just gave some girl two doughnuts,vicious!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Out of those four I will say AZARENKA. Because she is not cocky or overly confident and she is fantastic tennis player unlike one of those chicks whose last name start with a "wozni" and ends with a "acki"

    That Portuguese girl Larcher De Brito is really young and yeah she does grunt really loud but who cares, so does a lot of players.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think wozniacki is the next it girl because she seems confident and so far, she's been a very consistent performer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    azarenka and WOZNIAKI!

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