Consumer rights unexplained international chgs on my Sprint wireless bill?

I opened my Sprint acct in 12/08 w/ one line and a rate plan that would add up to appx. $100/month. One month passes w/ a normal balance and an on time payment. My Feb. 2009 bill has "258165 KB wireless data roaming-Mexico-CDMA @ $.002/KB...... $516.33".

Also on this same bill there is are valid "935 KB wireless data roaming-canada-cdma @ $.002/KB...... $1.87" Charge as well as "81 international romaing minutes-canada @ $.20/min.... $16.20".

For almost 2 weeks during this billing period I was actually in Canada, the border on land and have my passport stamped from custom's the day i entered canada and my anticipated amt of days i'd be in the country. The wireless data roaming charges from mexico were so costly in such a short period of time, they caused Sprint to suspend my services and my phone lost functionality while still in canada. After I came back to the states in MN where I live, I used my house land line to contact Sprint about these charges. The portion unaccounted/unauthorized/in question, $516.33 of wireless data roaming-mexico-cdma charges was to be disputed and taken up further w/ Sprint's Fraud Department. I was given a fraud claim ticket #. I've recorded as well as I can every correspondence and number and date and representative for the 5 months that have followed my services being suspended due to such large charges I can prove w/ my federal issued passport that I am not responsible for. I was repeatedly told that the specific charges I was disputing was on someone's desk in the fraud department and I'd be contacted w/ any updates or resolutions pertaining to it and that in order to continue having service on my phone I'd only have to pay my accounted for monthly balances. Four times my service was cut off, I was told this was due the automated billing systems when they looked at my balance. Although this 516 amt of my balance was in investigation w/ their fraud dept. it remained included in my total balance and is to this day from the last bill I received today(June 18, 2009). The first mention of collections came in a letter from Sprint entitled "avoid acct cancellation" and indicated an amount due of $138.44 dated 3/21/09. This is my proof of their aknowledgement at one time of this seperation from the charges in dispute and the charges I legitimate monthly charges owed at that time. Then while still waiting to be contacted by the fraud department at all I get a "collection agency alert!" from Sprint dated 4/2/09 and amount due of $654.77 giving me seven more days before they pass my acct on to collections. My bill date is the 18th monthly. So between 3/21 and 4/2 according to the letters I received from sprint my balance w/ them went from 138.44 to 654.77 and I didn't even have a bill post in the meantime! Throughout this time I'm calling every Sprint line under the sun w/ no clear answers but a few times being told not to worry the disputed charges are still under investigation and I'd be contacted(same as mentioned earlier). April 22, 2009 I get my first letter from I.C. System, INC letting me know that my delinquent account has been turned over to them While waiting to be updated w/ the status of my disputed charges under investigation w/ Sprint's fraud department of which I have a documented ticket #, the entire balance incl. these disputed charges were turned over to a collection agency. I.C. Systems first called me before I received this letter mid-February to let me know they now held my debt. My mother and I had a long discussion on the phone w/ a representative named Lynn ext. 8044 from their 888-735-0697. She told us at that time that if we made a payment of the $192.00 that same day then the remainder of my balance w/ them would be disputed. She informed us that I.C. Systems, INC would take it upon themselves to dispute the debt w/ Sprint, give Sprint 30 days maximum to respond to their dispute. My mother made a CC payment of the $192.00 On 4/22.09 with confirmation number: 3882512009. Lynn, this representative, also took my mother's address and told my mother she'd be receiving a receipt of her payment w/in 2-3 business days. I was advised I'd also receive a receipt as well as instructions/information relevent to the dispute I thought I had just begun, to be sent to my house, the billing address they and sprint have on file. Nothing came to either of our mailboxes and still hasn't. I contacted I.C. Systems, INC customer service line and reached an unfortunate representative clearly very uneducated on any of their policies/procedures relevent to my situation. I was told to write them a letter and that my receipts never came simply because they don't send receipts of payments. The past 2-3 days I've seen 3-5 calls on my home land line from I.C. Systems, INC that I have missed while I was at work. I called them back 2 days ago to give them my cell phone number to call me on due to my work hours having them not reaching me. I asked about everything going on with my dispute an

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    wow you did write a lot. i agree with the person that previously answered before. She actually hit all the major points.

    It looks like you have the simply everything plan 99.99. It is only for nationwide calling. only. Its stated on all of the brochures and the bill also gives you a short summary of what the plan covers. And it should have been stated when you signed the contract. The terms are located everywhere..

    but, it can be the phone aswell. I've never seen it that way, but it does make sense. If you have blackberry phone or perhaps palm where its constantly refreshing your email and alerting you every so often. Yup! it can happen.. i just never seen the issue. but it can.

    The charges can be immensely high, as with what happened to your situation with the data roaming. The best thing to do was to put a block or turn phone off. But anyways that info wouldn't help, since it already happen.

    Sprint is no longer involved once its taken to the collections agency. So the dispute is when them now. . take it to court. And plead your case...if you call sprint. They won't help you because they don't have acess to the account anymore.

    good luck.

    Source(s): also exemployee.
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    First of all, I just want to say wow., you wrote a lot.

    Second, I have experience with these types of issues well, b/c I used to work for Sprint. soooo

    Once an account is sent over to a collection agency, it becomes property of that collection agency. The situation in your case may need a court resolution because you have had this fraud situation being reported for months with no resolution yet your account was considered a write-off & sent to collections.

    My question to you is, what type of phone did you have? Because somehow while you were in Canada, your phone was using data. Even if your phone is just on, you may be charged for data usage if you are receiving emails, etc. That's why I ask what phone you have because this is usually the case with Blackberries & Instincts or any other Smartphone device.

    As for the Mexican Besides the fact that it is not an uncommon situation for phones to be cloned, ettc. The fraud dept at Sprint really should be aware of the types of fraud. Usually just by looking at an account, it can be determined whether or not the charges are fraudulent.

    And it is true...receipt for payment? what the...? No such thing at Sprint or any other cell phone provider in North America. On the next bill is where you would see, "payment received Oct 28, 2008 - Thank-you!" or whatever..

    Unfortunately, once the file goes to collections.....Sprint has nothing to do with it. At that point, you ar scewed basically and any resolution would have to be taken up with the collections agency.

    This is why I say court is your answer. There was a pending fraud case that was never resolved by the cell phone provider. If you can come up with proof you were not in Mexico at that time, you can prove the charges are fraudulent. Then you would fulfill your burden of providing the relevant evidence needed to prove your case.

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