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Print out and send to get a free ConfirmID and Get two weeks Silver free!

Adult FriendFinder has teamed up with ConfirmID to verify member information. All of your information will be kept confidential, and will not be shared with other members or outside parties. Members with ConfirmID get more responses from other members, and are displayed as trusted members with a special checkmark icon near their username.

Once you have filled out this form and sent it in, ConfirmID will then let us know that you are confirmed and send you an email on how you can update your information. You will get a icon, a profile badge , listed on the Recent ConfirmIDs page, and 2 weeks free Silver membership (or a two week extension if you're already Silver or Gold)! If you are already registered with ConfirmID, please login and add Adult FriendFinder to your account!

Mail completed form to: ConfirmID, 220 Humboldt Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, United States

(we only verify by mail)


Sorry, you have entered the incorrect password for

Please remember that this login is only for people who have ConfirmID accounts. If you do not have a ConfirmID account, click here to create one.

Update 2:

Please include a readable copy of one of these IDs that includes your photo:

Your valid Driver's License*, State ID card*, or Passport. If we can't read it, we can't verify you.

* U.S. and Canadian residents only.

Update 3:

這怎麼唸That email does not exist in the Database

Update 4:

請翻譯謝ˋPlease type in your email, and we'll send your ConfirmID password to your email account right away.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    一旦你填完表格並送出,身份確認機制會讓我們知道你已經通過確認並切寄出E-MAIL告訴你如何更新你的資料。再最新的身份確認頁面你的名字旁會有一個檔案徽章標示以及享有免費銀級會員2週優惠(如果你已經是金級或銀級的話可再加2週)如果你已經經由身份確認註冊完畢請登入並加入成人交友至你的帳戶。填完表格請寄到:ConfirmID, 220 Humboldt Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, United States(我們只以信件確認)

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  • 1 decade ago

    打印並且送得到自由ConfirmID,並且得到二個星期任意變成銀色! 成人FriendFinder與ConfirmID合作核實成員信息。 所有您的信息將被保持機要和與其他成員或外部黨不會分享。 有ConfirmID的成員從其他成員得到更多反應和被顯示作為有一個特別檢查號像的被信任的成員在他們的用戶名附近。 一旦您填好了表格這並且送了它, ConfirmID將然後告诉我們您被證實和送您关于怎样的電子郵件您能更新您的信息。 您將得到像,外形徽章,列出在最近ConfirmIDs頁和2個星期自由铸造银币會員資格(或一個兩星期引伸,如果you' 再已經銀或金子)! 如果您已經向ConfirmID登记,請登錄並且增加成人FriendFinder到您的帳戶! 郵寄完整格式: ConfirmID, 220 Humboldt Ct, Sunnyvale,加州94089,美國 (我們用信件只核實) 2009-06-23 22:37 :15補充 抱歉,您输入了C07230C@的不正確密碼。請切记這註冊僅是為有ConfirmID帳戶的人。 如果您沒有一個ConfirmID帳戶,點擊這裡創造一。

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