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Ezra, D. B. & Roer-Strier, D. (年代). Socializing Children Under Fire: Western Women and Palestinian Men. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, p.1-24.


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    Socializing children under fire: Western women and Palestinian men.(Report)

    Journal of Comparative Family Studies | January 1, 2009|

    Ezra, Dina Ben; Roer-Strier, Dorit


    This article examines the interface of cultural adaptation patterns of intermarried couples and the socialization of children in a context of political conflict. The paper is derived from a broader investigation of identity change in intercultural marriages between Palestinian men and Western women (Ben Ezra, 2003), carried out in 2001-2002, during the second Intifada (an Arabic term used for the uprising of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank against the Israeli military occupation of these territories). While cultural adaptation patterns of intermarried couples have been discussed in more detail by Roer-Strier and Ben Ezra (2006), this paper sheds light on the interplay between child socialization, parental cultural adaptation patterns and macro-level variables such as the Israeli -Palestinian conflict.

    to be continued... (這裡有第一章 緒論)

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    Ezra, D. B. & Roer-Strier, D. (2006)



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    抱歉板大~我發現參考的文章內容與你PO出的內容不同,所以這篇文章發表的年代不見得是2006,我找到有Journal of Comparative Family Studies這本期刊歷年來內容的網站,或許您可以找到需要的。


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