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how can i stop windows live messenger/msn messenger from giving me a blue screen of death EVERY TIME I LOG ON?

it only started a few days ago. every time before that it worked fine. everything goes perfectly. i have 2gb of ram on my cpu. i log in on msn and RIGHT after it logs me in i get a BSOD and it restarts my cpu within 0.5 T_T


ok thx for the help olivia!!! ty the CCleaner worked really well =D i was relieved when i saw my contacts list again ^^ thx for the SUPER fast responce too hehe i dont know how to close the question. i think it doesnt let you till a certain amount of time so im saying this so nobody else wastes their time answering this =P thx olivia u saved my life ^^ more literal than ya might know >_> thx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you get the BSOD even in "Safe Mode" then chances are it's a hardware issue. If you recently installed new hardware this is most likely the cause. Problematic new hardware that come to mind with online messengers is your data card / wifi / modem and RAM. Make sure that all your drivers are up to date! These can be often found on your PC or laptops manufacturers site in the support section.

    Failing that solving the problem it's going to be a software issue. Restart your computer in Safe Mode. Run a scan for viruses and trojans, making sure you have the latest virus definition updates. I use these excellent, light-weight free scanners: AVG Free (Anti-Virus), together with SpyBot Search & Destroy.

    If a virus shows up, clean it out, and restart your computer. I also use CCleaner to keep my registry in tip top shape. Over time applications that are installed and removed can leave a lot of messy debris that can cause the computer to be sluggish or crash frequently. I would definitely install CCleaner anyway and run the scan a few times until the registry comes up clear. (Remember to backup your registry when prompted). Reboot again.

    Make sure you have the very latest version of MSN messenger as this problem may have already been resolved. I use Windows Live Messenger:

    If you are still having problems, write down the error message that shows up on the BSOD and search for it online. There will likely be other people with the same hardware/software problem talking about it.

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