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Random Anime/Manga Poll?

Yolla! How's summer going for you? I'm in a room with AC, so I'm not dying... XD

1. Light or L or Lelouch

2. Suzaku or Matt/Mello

3. Sakura or Misa

4. If you lived next door to your favorite manga character (name him/her), what would happen during Christams?

5. What would you do if your favorite character was abducted by aliens?

6. If Kakashi and Hitsugaya fought, who'd win and why? (battle of the whiteys..(or was it grey?) :D)

7. Rawr or Rar.


Do you know who's touring with the Jonas Bros this August?

Byes! Hava nice life! XD


Yess... matt/mello are a package deal.. XD

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    1. L!!! *Goes into rabid fangirl mode*

    2. Suzaku

    3. Sakura

    4. Edward Elric? I'd give him a plate of snowmen cookies followed by singing Frosty the Snowman

    5. I'd wave goodbye to the spaceship, that's what Edward gets for throwing away my snowmen cookies.

    6. I don't know who Hitsugaya is. So I'll just have to say Kakashi

    7. Rawr. It means 'HELLO THERE!' in dinasour. RRAAWWRR!!

    BoNuS: Who cares about those flying monkeys! You know, whenever I see Joe/Kevin I'm always reminded of Lee with their big bushy eyebrows....

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    1. Lelouch

    2. Matt/Mello (assuming I can pick both)

    3. Misa (hotter)

    4. Alucard? Uhh.. Be killed?

    5. He would kill them all.

    6. Hitsugaya. I hate Hitsugaya, but despise Naruto even more. xP

    7. RAWR

    But I usually say something along the lines of..


    No idea on the bonus.

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    -Lol Ichigo and I would go for long walks on the beach, or whatever he wants to do X )

    -I would watch the next episode and see how he escapes them.

    -Kakashi! Hitsugaya's a softie, Kakashi would see through his sorry attacks.

    -Mmmm they're both annoying. Grr

    -Nooope don't know....Miley Cyrus? Demi Lovato?

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    4. skip

    5. It is imposible for alacard to be abducted my aliens lol

    6. Kakashi would win

    7. RAWR


    dont know dont care

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    1. Light

    4. O.O

    5. It's okay. She's an alien herself.

    People from the neighborhood even say that she's a very normal alien!

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