What dirty word is this supposed to be?

I was browsing the iTunes store. Aside from the crappily done tagging, the iTunes store has this weird habit of randomly censoring dirty words with asterisks (what you'd expect: the four-letter club, alternative terms for "penis" and "vagina", etc.); even words that I personally don't consider "dirty", like incest or sodomy (not that they aren't unpleasant terms, but still) while leaving other song titles with the same expletives intact.

Anyway, I came across a song title that I couldn't figure out. It's probably very obvious and I will more than likely feel like an idiot afterward, but I need it spelled out for me:

"I'm a Wop Jock, a W*****k Wasp"


Thanks, Jeffrey. I'm glad I'm not the only confused one.

And I'm familiar with the term WASP as well as wop. Not trying to sound defensive, just mentioning.

Update 2:

Ohhhhh. Thanks, Helmuth. I've only heard that term used maybe once or twice before, so that didn't cross my mind. The other unflattering term for a Mexican person is more common where I live. Sometimes just "Mexican" is sufficient enough as an insult apparently *sighs*.

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