HELP!!! im sad, depressed? and ugly?

Okay... this might take a while... but plz plz read?

okay honestly im one of the popular girl or was...

Then my friends in my class just stopped talking to me. like less.

And my friends at the other class kinda the same, but we still all hang out.

soo they alwayz talk secrets and stuff and im not in it?

like i alwayz was before? so my popularity has been going down.

Out of the popular girls which is like 4 ppl, but the rest moved. (we were like 10) i'm currently the uglyesnt one.!! ONLY CUZ I HAVE A FKD UP NOSE! okay i get it! i hate my nose, i desperately want a nose job, im only 12. in gr.7 and the legal age here to get one is 15 or older.

at class they kept writeing there names on the chalk board and not adding mine like "dalle + barrie +hunnie+fefe= bff" and stuff.

anywayz today we were walking after skool. the 4 of us. and one girl ( imma give code name for all of them on yahoo.) barrie was being bitchy like alwayz. the guyz were throwing water ballons and we rAN away. later she found one on the floor and shes like " im ganna throw it at you cuz i dont like yu" and i said no one lieks you and she said everyone does. and shes like i serious , so she threw it but it missed. one other girl dalle pick it up and threw it at me, and it wasnt poping so she made to little hole and it started spraying and put it on the top of my head. till i ran a bit. they started talking while i was waiting for them to catch up to me. they said they have somthing to say, and they stopped. they kept whispering and i was like 5 metres away from them. they kept loooking at me and stuff and saying "walk we'll catch up' but i didnt. i said i'll wait. i know they dont want me to walk with them. but there was no one in sight at that they kept walking cuz i wasnt moving.Later we met up with 3 high skool boys. the girls kept flirting and talking wit them i was thinking "there not peta files..".

So they asked who's the prettyest,.

and honestly they chose me last. and they kept laughing at that.

when the boys left. they kept talking about it. and calling me uglyer and i cant get guyz and stuff.

And what i hate is. i wear lots of make-up, they dont wear any, im wearing colour contacts, they show thier natural eyes, i wear shiny sparked up tigh and cute clothes, they simple clothes, i do my hair nice and wear long earring and cute necklaces, while they dont wear earings and lots of jewlery (some do tho).

we went to the corner store to buy freezies . i was trying to change the subject, but saying how much money did you guyz bring to buy stuff? and i kno its stupid but nothing was in my head!

we walked out and some guyz from our skool was there and barrie screamed "3 HAWT GUYZ THOUGHT WE WERE CUTE EXECPT DIANA" which is my code name for this..

and i was embarressed. soo we kept walking and barrie kept pushing me and fefe and hunnie and all of them were making jokes still.

I couldnt handle it!!! i walked fast in front and turned to a street that we dont usually go to. i went alone crying. cuz my feelings were hurt.

i was crying till the way home. and i made sure my mom didnt see my face. cuz i dont want my mom in my business .

so i was home for like 18 mins, washed my face, took off my contacts and jewlery and stuff, got in my home clothes. And my mom thought iw as crying so she tried to come to my room.

but i didnt let her. 5 mins later dalle comes. upstairs and i didnt know, i didnt want her to see my face teary, so i ran in my closet.

and she said " diana your mom said you were crying , were you?"

and i yelled "LEAVE' and she said "excuse me' and i said "get out"

so she said" fine i guess i came here for nothing"

after she left. i pulled myself together and came on the laptop. on msn and hunnie was on. and she said "are you okay'

i said dont talk to me and she said fine w.e

and we got into a fight about how they're treating me and stuff.

later she added a 3 way conv, me her and this other guyz, code name. wan.

And i guess she told him in a diffrent chat to say..

"so i heard some guyz called everyone cute except you"

and i blewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

i exited the conv. blocked him and went ot her and said

"**** YOU"

then blocked her,

tomorrow i know that barrie is going to tell the boyz i my class and my crush what happend with the guyz at first period.

if she opens her mouth i swear to god, im going to beat her.


im going to punch her and kik her and i know it will last about 5 mins cuz ppl will break us up.

and idk if i get suspended. am i being bullied ??????sorry this took long, im just so fkn pissed. and i keep thinking im ugly! like lots of people told me im pretty but then why wouldnt the guyz say i am?..

i would upload a pic of me on yahoo but its not safe.. soo sorry...?

btw fefe has made me feel beter tho. but rly am i bullied?

should i punch her in the face?

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    Well to answer the final question, No, This will just make things escalate to a point where you become the one causing the problems. Which you aren't at the moment.

    Yes you have been a victim of bullying. It happens. It happened to me my friends and to everyone i know. Remember that your parents and school staff are bound BY LAW to help you.

    Your friends and you are only young so none of this will mean anything in your life so why listen to it.. If they are annoying you, dont speak to them. If they are following you and attacking you, That is iillegal.

    I was perceived to be ugly too but over time i realised that it was just some kids pleasing themselves. It doesnt mean a thing.

    You have done a good thing in asking for help. I have told you all i can but you need to remember one vital thing.

    Do not cause any more trouble, Only prevent and Report it.

    P.s. "Grassing".. is a good thing.

    Add me on msn if you want.

    Source(s): My head.. lol
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  • In an opinion of a girl I bet your not that ugly anyways I agree with the answer above me DO NOT PUNCH HER! seriously don't it makes it worse.Just ignore all that sh!t..seriously she's just all snoby acting like a brat.Ignore it.Just cool down....You don't want to look bad in front of your crush now do just say something back nothing to offense or violent.It is bulling talk to one of your consular or write it on paper it does help a lot.

    Hope I helped!


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  • 1 decade ago

    uhm first of all is your name katlyn and yes you should beat the s*** out of them jk uh yeah you should just dont do it close to school

    Source(s): how you are describing your self i think maybe you sound like one of my friends
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am sorry about your problem. But that is way to long to read.

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