What is the observable evidence of evolution?

I'm trying to learn more about evolution, and when I googled observable evidence of evolution--nothing came up. If anyone could give me the top observable evidences of evolution, and then give me sources. I'd like to study them. Thanks!


Sorry. Rule 42, you know: the top listings that came up were actually creationism vs evolution sites. Not actual observable evidence of evolution. Just evidence of creationism.

Update 2:

Word: I overlooked the first one. THANKS!

for those of you who are trying to insult me--I actually am trying to learn. So instead of insults, real answers would be appreciated.

Update 3:

For those of you who think I'm faking--I asked this in the Science section too--cause I actually do want to learn.

Update 4:

I think I may of specified wrongly--I believe in evolution as in change of species to adapt to their environment--it'd be stupid to not believe that--there is evidence all over to support that, but I'm asking of the evidence that species evolved into other species--I haven't checked out the talkorigins.com yet, but I'm on the site now, THANKS!

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