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Who's better frank lampard or Steven gerrard?

In my opinion I think frank lampard is the better all around player, gerrard is a better goal scorer and has more power but he plays attacking midefielder and lampard plays midfielder. Lampard is a better passer and sets up goals and has more assists than gerrard, lampard also controls the team. Gerrard is only good at scoring, lampard is the better all around player. Do you agree?

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    I think Gerrard is slightly the better player. Is Jon S what you call a Troll he seems to be a very hateful person. Is he being bullied at school.

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    I'll answer this, for the MILLIONTH time the same way I always do.

    Could Frank Lampard have helped Liverpool win the CL's and keep them up in the top 4, like Stevie G has.

    I really don't believe he could have.

    But Steven Gerrard in the Chelsea side, I doubt very much Man united would be level with Liverpool on titles at the moment.

    In Europe, this is not even an argument, Lampards a respected play, but Gerrard is a notch above.

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    I do agree that Lampard is an all round player and that Gerrard is just a good striker but Gerrard is better at what his job is as a striker than what Lampard is at his job as a midfielder because he doesn't have a special 'gift' on the pitch, he's just ok at everything where as Gerrard is amazing at striking!

    hope i helped x

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    I used to think Gerrard but Now i say Lampard

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    Lampard is a more consistent player for both club and country. Gerrard has more power in his shot, and scores more for his club because he shoots so many shots. They both play the same position (CM), while moving around sometimes. Lampard is a better all-around player and is much better in the clutch, and when it counts. I don't like Chelsea but I would love to have Lampard or Essien at my favourite team.

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    4 years ago

    Lampard is clearly a better player, the argument that Gerrard has had to carry his team is not a valid one, he has a had player such alonso, torres and now suarez around him. Lampard has been the most consistent midfielder in the premiership for 8 or so years there is no midfielder in the history of the premier league that can match or get even close to lampards goal scoring stats!

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    Answer: Steven Gerrard

    I don't agree with you,

    Gerrard is about the best all round player there is!

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    Boy are you guys deluded, lampard is good but Gerrard is up there with the best if not on top of the pile. You tell him to play & do what you need & he does it, better.

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    Lampard is old gerrard is still not 30 yet. but i think Essien is better than both,

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    i dont agree with you at all, i think he is so overated. he's got a great goal scoring record you cant argue with and he times his runs well but hasnt done it in top matches for england. i dont even think he's that good a passer. i think he's surrounded by good players and they make him look better than he is. he's not as good as carrick never mind gerrard.

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