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How do you clean socks?

Do we use bleach to clean socks?

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    Only white cotton socks (athletic socks, etc).

    If you use bleach on colors, it will affect the color. You can use a non-chlorine bleach or a bleach alternative for colored socks, if you wish.

    You can also use a detergent-booster such as Oxi-Clean or plain baking soda along with the normal detergent. It's not really necessary ... most detergents get things clean on their own, but if something is pretty dirty, an additive can help!

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    Well what u do is u first find a washing machine to put them in. Then u use hot water if they are white, use warm if it is a rainbow color n use cold if the color is black or brown. Then u put detergent in and then sum bleach if they r white. Do not use bleach if the color is a rainbow color or black or brown.

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