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What do you think about the FDA regulating tobacco?

Personally I think it's a good idea....and here's why.

The FDA regulates every other consumer product on the market, except tobacco. You can't buy a candybar without the FDA making sure it is safe. So why should tobacco be an exception ?... nobody knows what they put on the tobacco before they package it.

Smoking cigarettes might not even be that bad for you, if they didn't spray a bunch of carcinogenic chemicals on the tobacco as it rolls down the conveyer belt....

This is an issue of public safety, no matter how you look at it....

The tobacco lobby has been too powerful for too long, and has put down every effort to get them to disclose what they put into cigarettes.

Without FDA oversight, everyone is smoking a big question mark.... "?".

I've been smoking who knows what for 15 years now....i'm curious to know what i've been inhaling besides tobacco smoke all this time.


Quiting is hard...probably the hardest thing i've ever tried to do....

I enjoy smoking, which makes it more difficult...and i'll be the first to admit i'm an addict. So don't think i'm some non-smoker who just wants to lecture everyone.

I don't think they should outlaw tobacco, or any other "plant" for that matter,....but when you sell something as a consumer product, public safety should be our legislators first concern.

Update 2:

All i'm advocating here people, is a list of ingredients....

You have ingredients listed on your cereal box don't you ????

Update 3:

Again people... read the damn question...


Update 4:

To: "legal doesn't make it right"

Interesting that you are against the FDA regulating tobacco, but at the same time you have a problem with KRAFT mac'n cheese ingredients....... Kraft is a Phillip Morris company...

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    I agree with you, there's no way of knowing what else your smoking with your morning cig. That's kinda scary. I've been a smoker for 20 yrs and I never really thought about it like that. Thanks for posting, you raise a good point.

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    Let me tell YOU something. The FDA does NOT make sure things are safe and the FDA is government run! The FDA is there only so that we think the things we are eating are safe. There are hundreds of poisons in the food we eat. For example: Almost every sweet in it has either

    high fructose corn syrup





    THOSE ARE POISONS!!! The FDA also says that many of the pharmacy drugs are safe, they aren't. The FDA also says that the same vaccinations that give children autism, ADHD, and other problems are safe. The government says that Aspartame, A product that makes your body mimick Multiple Sclerosis is safe. If everyone would use real sugar in their food then we'd be a much healthier nation. Sure sugar can cause diabetes but it won't cause a long and painful death like aspartame and the other fake sweeteners. They inject our meats with all sorts of hormones, and deem nutrients as toxins. I recently asked KRAFT foods why they use high fructose in it's foods, they say "It's cost effective." Let me tell you, if these people can make ONE penny off of your death then they will.

    The FDA is FULL of sh!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Should they regulate tobacco? No, many of our things would be much healthier if they'd stay out of it.

    EDIT: Loose Wheel is absolutely right!!! BTW: I am a NON smoker who believes in the rights of others.

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    Well if it was not for tobacco we would not be a country. When the first English settlers arrived in Jamestown in 1607, tobacco was a crop. 402 years later Obama decides it is a Drug, give me a break. I smoked for 32 years and on April12,2009 I quit, because I refuse to pay the taxes that Obama added to a single pack of cigarettes. I got mad, no furious, It is not a sin to smoke. What is a sin is the greed of the Federal Government to pay for programs that We the People do not want........

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    I think we're pretty familiar with what gets added to our cigarettes. Just because the FDA hasn't looked into it doesn't prevent people from dissecting them and see whats going on. [see link]

    That said, I kind of having mixed feeling about it. As a smoker, I'm worried they're going to do something to my precious cigarettes that will suck all the enjoyment out of it. As a consumer with [minimal] health concerns, I'm glad they're finally getting some amount of regulation. I

    Overall I'm a little apprehensive. The FDA is already a very powerful, very large oganization, I don't think they need more power over anybody. And as an example of this type of "safety regulation", look at the push for self-extinguishing cigarettes right now. On the surface it seems like a great idea. Till you find out they make them go out by coating the inside of the paper with some crazy, often aluminum-based substance. MmmMmm. We're making things safer, we swear!

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    I think it is a terrible idea, but it has nothing to do with the health effects of smoking.

    This is another example of the federal government overstepping its limitations granted in the constitution. If anything this should be an issue for the states to decide on their own. Giving the federal government, especially bureaucracies like the FDA additional power is a dangerous game. It is a slippery slope and once power is given it is rarely taken back.

    Remember, we do not vote for the people in federal agencies so they are not held accountable to anyone except the current administration. Far too much power is in the hands of the federal government and these bureaucrats.

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    I agree. I have switched brands a few times, and I alwayse wondered why some made me cough, and others didn't. Like what are they putting in these cigarettes?

    I am not big on the limiting of nicotine, or the additional warnings, but a list of ingredients, now that's a good idea. I want to know why they taste the way they do, and how much shellac and chocolate leaves I have been smoking all these years.

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    I don't smoke but what do they think they are going to accomplish here? Maybe out of all they ways you can get cancer from smoking they will help get rid of one of them, doesn't seem worth it. A couple more things. Adding a tax is absolutely stupid! Its unfair, people who smoke shouldn't be punished. Also, people need to mind there own business and stop saying smoking should be banned! No doubt all of us have been around a rude smoker who smokes around people and ruins a good experience but most smokers are not like that. Smoking is an addiction just like anything else. Before you say ban smoking think about your addictions before you judge.

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    Um, no. opens the door to Prohibition all over again.

    Wait for it... Its a can of worms in a big pretty wrapper...

    And yes, im a smoker trying to quit, but the FDA should not be involved here, And yes, its just like John said, the smokers will smoke MORE if you reduce the tobacco, as well youll end up with more "safe" fillers.

    Noone can make someone Quit, not by regulation, not by rules, not by big brother, not by taxes. YOU have to WANT to quit. Period.

    We know what were smoking, its been preached to us for years that its no good, yet we continue to. what is the FDA going to do different?

    > noone said you said Ban, But you have to read the fine print, thats what it would lead to. You know it and so does everyone else. Hence why i said it would open the door.

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    I do agree with your assertion that tobacco should be outlawed, idealistically. Realistically, look back at what happened when they attempted to outlaw liquor. Organized crime took over the sale. The same thing would happen with tobacco if it were outlawed. As long as a demand exists for a product, it is useless to try to prevent people from using it. It would be smarter to do exactly what we are doing, attempting to educate new generations away from it. LIke marijuana, it grows it your backyard. Think of the billions we have spent trying to prevent people from smoking pot, and unlike tobacco, weed is not addictive, and does not cause permanent brain injury. So what's the deal? Would it really be a good idea for the Feds to attempt to keep people from doing something they know is going to kill them? I like you am a smoker who wishes to quit in the near future. Although the thought of the big bad all knowing all powerful Federal government stepping in and removing my tobacco from me sounds easier, in reality I know it is my responsibility alone to escape from my bad habit.

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    I think the FDA should stop regulation.The government regulates too much.If people want to pollute their lungs let them.Smoking natural tobacco would be better for you than from a cigarette.Like you said cigarette tobacco has all kinds pesticides on it to kill the bugs.It wouldn't be.Cigars are better for you,not entirely healthy,but much safer than cigarettes.You could always buy whole-leaf tobacco as well.

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    For the smokers that think growing their own tobacco,drying it,and rolling you some cigs is gonna satisfy that "habit" you're eat up with,should probably be in favor of seeing just" WHAT is it I'm addicted to"....,it certainly isn't "raw" tobacco !

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