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Are there any rifle ranges in the tri-state area of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin?

I'm not looking to join a club, just to pay a hourly fee to shoot a rifle or something of that nature.


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    Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association -- The objective and purpose of The Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association shall be: to encourage marksmanship and organized shooting sports competition, to educate the youth and citizenry of the State of Iowa in marksmanship and maintenance of safe, suitable ranges for all shooting sports, and to further the development of the characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play, and self-reliance, which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.

    Iowa Highpower dot Com -- Info for Highpower Rifle competition in Iowa.

    Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club -- Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club.

    Powesheik County Sportsman's Association -- PCSA holds highpower rifle and smallbore prone matches monthly, April-Sept. 100 yard rifle range located just south of Montezuma.

    River City Rifle & Pistol Club -- The River City Rifle and Pistol Club (RCR&PC) was incorporated in 1968 in Mason City, Iowa, as a nonprofit organization to promote civilian marksmanship, proper gun safety, competitive spirit, conservation of natural resources and to provide a safe and proper place to shoot.

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    There are dozens. The best thing to do is go to maps.google.com and put in your address, then search "near here" and put in "gun range" to get a list.

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    Just do a goggle search for gun range or shooting range and put in your zip code and you will find many.....since you did not mention your address or zip I can't do it.

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    Go to http://huntandshoot.org they can tell you.

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