Supporting customers who buy a very cheap software product...?

My software is normally priced at about 40 dollars. However, I have a promotion on now and am selling it for about 10 dollars. I am not getting a huge amount of sales and am taking orders over the telephone. As most of my customers are elderly and not computer literate I am worried that I will be getting loads of support calls, as has happened before. The support calls from my elderly customers occasionally reveal a total lack of computer literacy and it is very time consuming to try to talk them through installing the product.

What can I do to minimise the impact on my time? I am a sole trader and have no staff to delegate to.

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  • Gravy
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    1 decade ago
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    I think every business owner has been there -- I've done it a thousand times myself. Sales are slow so you torpedo your prices, and then when you DO sell something you're working much harder for less money.

    If they paid $10 and a purchase includes phone support, then you're duty-bound to honour that, I'm afraid. The "good" news is that if you aren't exactly run off your feet right now, it's not going to tear your business apart to look after the less-advanced clients while you tinker with your other products and pricing.

    What you could do to take the burden off yourself is figure out the kinds of things they're calling about, and make a set of instructions and a little How-to guide in Word and PDF that you could email them. (Screen caps as illustrations are always a good idea.) If you have their email addresses already, perhaps try to circumvent future phone calls by sending a copy to everyone who bought the software.

    You'll still get calls, and oftentimes people just want you there while they follow the instructions in case something goes wrong, but with any luck a few brave souls will charge ahead and only call when they've really botched it. :)

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