how do i write an introduction for a report?

im doing a report on def jam records and i dont know how to start it. throughout the term i had to research on a company or organization and i chose to do def jam.basically to find about when it started, how it started, success's and so on. plz help me out


im doing an investigation on the company. i have to write about when it started, how it started, success, troubles, future works, why i chose it, add in some interview questions on how i found out the info and such.

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    The point of the introduction is to explain what you are going to do in the report, and as such it should be reasonably straightforward to write once you have planned the report as a whole. If you decide what the content of the report is going to be, then write the intro to suit. The common mistake is to write the introduction first and then panic when you find you don;t really know what you are writing about. What you SHOULD do is plan/ write the main body of the report, then write the introduction to tell the reader what your report will do (e.g. 'In this report I will examine the Def Jam corporation and explain why, in my opinion they did more to introduce rap music to a wider audience than any other company. From formation to the present day they have discovered and introduced a number of seminal rap acts etc etc....')

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    Have you found any info @ all on them? Google & the Wiki are the easiest starting points for facts...

    What are you trying to tell in your report? How "revolutionary they are" or "The troubles that company has seen in all their years"... Facts are good, but what is your story about them?

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    For Your Introduction, just say what your going to be talking about, that can be your introduction. just give them a taste of what you are going to be talking about. the better it is, the more people will want to know about it , and they will listen to your report.

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    gosh, you serious?

    Um, just start it like any other report.

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