Willfully, Neglect, Malice之分別

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Willfully, Neglect, Malice, Knowingly 之間既分別

Definitions of Terms


- Purposefulness or willingness to complete the act (done"on purpose")

- Does not require criminal “intent”

- Doesn’t require knowledge of illegality

Neglect, Negligence

- A “criminal” lack of attention

- A level of attention below what a prudent or reasonable person would devote to an act

Malice, Maliciously

- Doing as act with a wish to vex, harm, annoy, or injure another person

- The intent to cause a harm upon a person

- Not always a necessary element of a crime


- Consciousness of the act having been done (done “consciously”)

-A “waking” mindset (awareness)



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    Willfully - u do something in purpose

    Malice - u do somthing that will harm, injure people in purpose

    knowingly - u r aware when u do a crime. (unlike sleep-walking, u don't know what u r doing at that time)

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