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1.麵條 一人份

2.小黃瓜 1/3條

3.紅蘿蔔 1/4支

調味料 1.食用油 一匙

2.芝麻醬 一匙

3.醬油 一匙

4.醋 一茶匙

5.糖 一茶匙

作法 熱麻醬麵:






注意事項 熱麻醬麵選用一般食用的細麵條即可,而涼麵的麵條可到市場上跟買到,涼麵的麵條外型是黃色、圓柱調狀,吃過台灣傳統涼麵的人一定不陌生吧!


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    1.noodle (1 serving)

    2.1/3 cucumber

    3.1/4 carrot


    1.1 spoon of edible oil for salad dressing

    2.1 spoon of sesame paste

    3. 1spoon of soy sauce

    4. 1 spoon of vinegar

    5. 1 teaspoon of sugar

    steps to make noodle with warm sesame sauce

    1. cook the noodle in a pot of boiling water until well done. Transfer the noodle into a big bowl. The remaining steps are the same as step 2 of the recipe for cold noodle as shown below.

    Cold noodle:

    1.Buy cooked cold noodle direct from a shop. Put in a big bowl.

    2.Wash cucumber and carrot. Peel the carrot. Shred the cucumber and carrot with a grinder. Put them on top of the noodle.

    3. Mix the seasoning with one spoon of water. Pour the mixture over the noodle. The dish is now ready to serve. Mix the noodle and seasoning well when enjoying.

    Points to note

    To cook the warm noodle, choose the common types of Chinese noodle. For cold noodle, a type that is cooked, yellow in colour and has a circular cross section is available in common noodle shops. One who is familiar with cold noodle of Taiwan style will have no difficulties in picking the right type.

    One teaspoon of chilli oil or mustard may be added for a more spicy flavour to suit personal taste.

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