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    The worldwide financial tsunami last year has lashed serious impact

    for all industrial structure and public consuming which caused the

    domino effect such as raw material soaring, the cost rise of

    consumers, change of consuming habits, enterprise bankrupt,

    unemployment rate ascending, higher misery index of people.


    The reduce of drinking habits of consumers cause Starbucks to close 600 stores and cutbacks 1,200 employee and this is only for solve

    short-term economy crisis.

    For Starbucks, they can take this opportunity to knock out the stores who is not profitable, decrease unnecessary cost and promote the

    operating efficiency. From this vies, it might not be a negative effect.

    金融海嘯 Financial Tsumi

    連鎖效應 domino effect


    有利的,獲利的 profitable


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    "Last year the global financial tsunami, people's livelihood of all the industrial structure and consumption are causing serious impact is driven by rising raw materials, consumer spending increased life, forced to change consumption habits, business failures, rising unemployment, the suffering of the people rose such as knock-on effect. consumers to reduce the habit of drinking coffee, and only in response to short-term economic crisis, caused by the closure of 600 Starbucks stores, laid off 12,000 employees. For Starbucks, you can take the profit out of underperforming stores and reduce unnecessary expenditure , and will also enhance operational efficiency, this may not be entirely negative meaning. "

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