Mission statement for skateboard shop?

What are some ideas that I can put into a mission statement for a skateboard shop. I'm a little confused about what exactly i'm supposed to say.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    a mission statement is just that- your mission put into words. Given that, for a skate shop, you might want to convey something to do with skating, extreme sports and their equipments, and the things that skaters want to hear so they will visit the website or store, etc.

    A mission statement is usually just a couple of sentences and is powerful, compelling, and helpful for the company and the prospective customers. It needs to be believable, truthful, and have the purpose included.

    so, one might say, "Our dedication to the extreme sport that has captivated our youth makes us proud to offer the newest shapes and designs in skateboarding. whether riding a longboard or doing an Impossible, anything can be found here at HAWXX Skate Emporium and Hand-feeding pirhanna swim-tanks Park and Eatery"....um, without that last part, most likely. ; ) p

    get a littlecreative but abide by usual mission statement rules or whatever it is- guidelines, I guess..

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