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Is north korea going to attack america?

i heard on cnn that north korea might try and send a missle to hit hawaii july 4th but hey said it shouldn't even reach hawaii but i was wondering is this just a bunch of bull? if it's true what will america do if they shoot it and miss hawaii, will we attack them because i already know if it hits hawaii its automatic war.

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    No they are not going to attack.

    Kil Il Jung is crazy, not stupid.

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    "A country added to the union?" O.K. there's a lot that's very wrong with this, but let's address a few peripheral issues first. If North Korea actually went ahead with that -And I seriously doubt they are - they're making noise, which has always gone well for them - it would be over in a matter of hours. Now on to what is very wrong your assumptions: -You cannot annex territory through war. It's been explicitly against international law since World War II. -Do you thik Iraq has been a boost to the U.S. economy? Neither would occupying North Korea. You'd end up responsible for an impoverished population with very little to offer a modern economy. (because they've been isolated from the world and simply don't have the skills).

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    kinda long but whatever. this is my take on the whole situation.

    north korea never stated that they're going to attack hawaii july 4th. that was an aligation made by japan that claimed they gathered this information threw there intelligence. i personnally think the aligations are made up by japan just to provoke the us to attack n. korea first before n. korea carries out this eleged attack on hawaii. i think japan is extremly pissed at n. korea for launching a missle last month that flew over there heads, & there ready to act now. i'd be pissed too but n. korea must make they move first. the only way n. korea will attack the us is if the us invades the n. korea ship that is accused by the us of carrying wmd's, weapons & missles for trade of food or money to myanmar, expected to be there friday, the day that ban from trading with n. korea will expire. but since n. korea dosen't want anybody to touch they little ship, obama has extend the ban another full year. so now ANYBODY who trades anything weaponry realated on that ship is going to guantanamo bay. i heard it's not too jolly there. i don't think anybody needs to worry about n. korea. there have been preparations made in california & alaska to hopefully take down any on comming missle from n. korea. also, the 28,000 us troops along with south korean troops stations at the border of n. & s. korea for protect against a possible n. korean invade on s. korea. also the japanese who are on the us side. china & russia are traditional n. koreas allies but there staying completely nutral & have other things to focus on such as there booming ecomnies &have no timefor a retard war over nothing. i think the absolute only way china & russia will step in to help the us if the us agrees to share is global power with china, russia, brazil & indian. the end.

    Source(s): i probably made some spelling errors's too long for me to go back over. peace.
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    You all maybe be right but North Korea is also allied with Russia and Iran / and even if they fire rocket at the USA it's an act of war.

    Also I think you under estimate North Korea. I mean we under estimated the middle east and look where we are now.

    But to answer ur question if they fire the rocket and it misses it is an act of war, therfor we would go to war with North Korea and it's allies.

    And there looking for war they said that the USA just following there "cargo" ships is an act of war. Also as they said that they where haveing an anti-American Rally.

    so it's possable, just don't under estimate what they can do.

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    Think about are in a country that is at the bottom of the economic scale, your people are just about starving except for the Military and the Political rulers, a nut job is at the helm and he does not want to hear that he can not use all the power he can muster to show he is a world player. Now these Generals and High Officials are not going to tell will be suicide to attack the U.S. . So the order from him could be made...once the Missle is launched and confirmed flight path is established, our submarines will launch many warheads, from many places...bye bye N. Korea.

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    I highly doubt North Korea will ever attack the United States. What I'm worried about are terrorist groups who are willing to attack getting a hold of these weapons.

    As for the United States, I even more highly doubt (from the other responses) that if North Korea was to attack, we would completely nuke them off the map in retaliation. It's likely we'd go to war with them and remove their government in power.

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    North Korea doesn't have any missiles capable reaching US soil.

    There is one in development according to intelligence apparently, but that won't be finished within the next decade. And even that would barely only reach the very edge of the western coast of America, probably causing about ten of your fine American dollars worth of damage and killing a few narwhals off the coast of Alaska.

    Don't worry.

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    look, hawaii is 4,500 miles away from North Korea, they said that there missile goes 4,000 miles, so any city on the west coast should be worried.

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    I think there just bluffing as always there too p*ssy to attack the US and its allies even S.Korea, If they did attack Hawaii, it would be like Pearl Harbor all over again except it won't be Japan, it will be the N.Korean commies

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    In all honesty, yes I think N. Korea will attack the U.S. for the simple fact that ying ting tung or whatever his name is pretty much is crazy.

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