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Braces!?! :0 Answer Please.?

Please tell me everything you know about the braces procedure. all my friends had them im elementary school. I am a junior in college and I already feel insecure about how they will look at my age (I cannot afford the invisalign ones so im getting the traditional ones...im paying for this myself).

I have no idea what is going to happen. I'm NOT worried about the pain, I just dont know anything about it. how long do they usually stay? what foods will I not be able to eat anymore? Any advice?

Thank you.

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    The average time until you get them off will be 2-3 years

    what you can eat thats crunchy would be chips that arent as crunchy and are thin like lays.if you really really need gum,make sure it is sugar free(cause its not as sticky) and try not to have it as much as you do now.but try to avoid gum anyways

    if you eat the foods below there is a chance your bracket(the metal square on your tooth) will break and cost hundreds of dollars.

    do not eat:



    sugar daddies


    carmel apples

    sugar babies




    tootsie rolls

    gummi bears




    hard candy

    apples and carrots(unless cooked or cut into small/thin pieces)

    pizza crust

    corn on the cob



    hot cheetos


    cornnuts or anthing very crunchy or gummy

    depending on your mouth you may get bands.they are like mini rubber bands connected from a part of one of your upper brackets and one of your lower brackets there might be two on each side.

    avoid biting your nails.if its a strong habit buy a nail polish from your drugstore called "stopbite" it taste nasty and the flav. will stay in your mouth to teach you not to bite your nails.

    if you really want to eat corn on the cob,and there are guests over-dont eat it-not a pretty site!

    you can eat meat,but makesure you brush your teeth afterwards!

    also cut meat off bones into smaller pieces

    if you want to save money get ur braces non-colored.the colored bands on the bracket will be clear but if you want colored braces,you may have to pay some money,it also depends on your insurance if you can get colored braces

    they glue brackets onto certain teeth.then they insert a wire between each bracket to give them more support(it has nothing to to with your gums) now they might put 2-4 really small rubber bands between your molars.you will get a little pain from that.besides that it will start hurting for only the next 2-3 days because your new to the feeling of the braces being pushed against your teeth.

    did i mention,you have to pay 4,000-5000$ but this will cover ALL the dental work WHILE you have your braces

    btw if you get them clear it will be cheaper and not look as kiddish,but even if your insurance covers colored braces,you still can get them clear and when picking stuff out of your teeth try not to pick the bands on the bracket but they only come out if you like take the toothpick and pick it outwards

    lol if your confused ask your dentist but at the end theyll tell you alot

    i hope i helped..alot!

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    Get invisalign, I just got my braces and I'm seriously thinking about getting them off, I'm 22 and im about to be out of college, so I know how you feel, but the invisalign is worth it I paid 4600 for my braces all together and the invisialign was only 5000, so yea, besides once you add up the cost of possible brackets breaking, braces may cost even more, plus the pain for anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks your teeth will hurt, and all you can eat is yogurt, ice cream, and mashed potatoes, and stuff like that, can't have any pop, hard candy, popcorn, and stuff like that. Also the way you have to brush is next to impossible espically after you just get them. So if you have a choice pay the extra for invisalign I don't know how much it is there, but the difference is not as much as they make it out to be, if braces is all you really can afford than don't get them cause if you are waiting till this long than mayby you don't need them, only reason i got mine was because my friends kept telling me I should, my teeth are barely crooked, plus you wear them anywhere from 6 months to 7 years (more than likely they will come off after 2 years) so there is that, and also you have to wear the retainer and if you don't wear it your teeth will be how they were before you got braces, mayby even worse. So if you want my opinion get invisalign or nothing.

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    I had braces for four (almost five) years and I was only supposed to have them for two. That is my horror story, but I don't know that many people who experienced what I did. Getting the braces on is basically nothing. They will feel wierd for a while, but you will get used to them. Suggestion: Wear wax on the front brackets for a few days after you get them on. Otherwise you will most likely get blisters on your gums. It sucks, but that's braces. They will be sore for a while after you get them tightened almost every month. I got to the point where I would take some ibuprofen or advil before I went to get them adjusted to counteract the immediate pain. They will tell you that you are not allowed quite a few foods after you get them on, but you will be able to eat most anything. The only problem is that some foods are just too difficult to eat and you will figure that out. I broke brackets while eating apples (so cut them up first) and even one time... and oreo, but that was wierd. You will get used to what works and what doesn't. Suggestion: Make sure you floss. Your teeth will get kind of dingy if you don't take care of them so just keep up a good cleaning schedule and you will be fine. Also, you might want to invest in a water pick. They aren't too expensive and they will actually be easier to use than string floss. Finally, I was pretty surprised at how much it hurt to get the braces taken off. They get pretty rough about scraping the cement off your teeth and making sure that they are clean, but it's nothing you can't handle after time with braces on. About the whole image thing. I was just entering high school when I got my braces and I was worried that I would look wierd with my glasses and braces and I was a chubby kid, it was just a bad ordeal. At first it will seem a little wierd, but after a few weeks no one will notice or care. You will even forget you have them on. Sorry this is so long, but it is all I know about having braces. I had them for a while so I know a little too much about them. Oh, one more thing.. ALWAYS do what they tell you to do. It only helps you to get them off earlier when you do what they tell you to do with your braces each month

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    They will stay on anywhere from six months to three years and beyond, depending on how bad your teeth are.

    Your dentist should give you a list of things you aren't supposed to eat, and if they don't you should ask for one. You can pretty much still eat everything. The worst that can happen is that your bracket breaks, which is not an emergency, it's just annoying.

    I would be careful around hard card candy, rolled tacos.. The sort of tooth-shattering stuff that you take care to bite in anyways. Real chewy candy, like toffee and caramel, you have to be careful with, too.

    If you have any more questions, email me! loldarth@yahoo.com

    Source(s): I have braces.
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    My daughter has braces and has had them for approximately two one million/two years. They handiest harm while they're first placed on after which for an afternoon or so after. This indicates that they're running. My daughter was once concerned that persons could poke a laugh at her however the reverse has occurred and he or she has been excellent. When she is going to have them altered she has new colors placed on, she has had red and blue, crimson and yellow, orange and pink. I additionally had braces on my again tooth while i used to be more youthful for a few years. They felt unusual in the beginning however you quickly get used to them. It will all be good valued at it sooner or later if you have superb tooth and a profitable smile. You additionally get to have day off college whenever you need to talk over with the orthodontist.

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    I've had braces before. Some people are different--some people can have them on for a year, but usually two, sometimes more.

    Never eat carmels! I tried it once and my brackets got loose because it was so sticky! Also try not eating hard candies, or anything that feels uncomfortable to your teeth. They say that popcorn is bad, but it really isn't. Just don't eat the old maids on the bottem of the bowl.

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    Try not to eat sticky foods! It'll be harder to get the sticky spots out when you have braces. Well, since your in college, maybe 3/4 years. That's what I heard at least.

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    it Will look okay because some people wear them just for the looks......the dentist will give you a orthadontist diet chart

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