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Poll: Nicknames...............? (20 characters)...?

Ok so I need some nicknames for the name Martin...

thankss :]]

Oh and here is the polll.

do you have any nicknames?

whats the funniest/weirdest nickname you've heard?

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    hands down]


    no nicknames, unfortunately i don't have one that goes well with my name and when my friends call me something weird because of a thing that happened, i call them back something so they stop

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    My nicknames:







    Funnniest Nickname:

    Poopy Pants

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    the funniest nickname ive had was Martha, even though my name is friends just said that i looked like a Martha.

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  • Marty.

    My nicknames...well I have a bunch!

    like a different one from every one of

    my friends. My name's Elizabeth and

    apparently its a pretty fun name to

    play around with nick name wise...

    or so i've been told. A few of them are;

    Lizzy, Liz, Lizard, Yzzil (lol backwards)

    and then my other ones are random stuff like;

    shorty, reeses puffs, scooter butt, and kookoo

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    I like Marty.

    Weirdest nickname: Hooker [I have big boobs and one of my drunk friends that it'd be funny, and it's stuck since then, no even my nickname Hooker has a nickname, Hookins]

  • Marty, Mart, Martian--haha, i like that one. =)

    Martin the Martian! haha


    I have too many! lol.

    Cait, Caiti, CTBug, KTBug... I also have Cit Cat (The Cit Cat Bar) and Catalina.

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    Tinny, Marty, Mart!

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  • Martie/Marty



    LOL , I don't know. xD

    Poll: Carlz/Carls, Carl.


    My mom sometimes calls me Carlita. That's just weird. o.o

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