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Do you believe in "Lost tapes" on animal planet or "ghost hunters" on sci/fi?

Well im just asking considering the fact that this show seems pretty real. but im just asking for your opinion because im not sure if im just gullible or if im right

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    I dont believe in lost tapes its well lame. There is just not another way to put it and yeah they may bring up animals that some of us never heard before, but they pretty much bring in the same info that has been heard thousands of times and some info that has been proven false. The previews made it seem good but the show was just a waste of time.

    I like ghost hunters and I have lost interest lately, to me its better than most of the ghost shows I have seen. Jason saying, "its dust particles and not orbs, or spirits." Yep every time people post pictures of imfamous dust particles saying its ghost activity or they show a blown up picture trying to make it look like a face, ~Its just dust, get over yourself moving on to more important evidence.

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    I really enjoyed Ghost Hunters and thought it was real, and I still think it was. However, they had the live Halloween special last Halloween, and a lot of the voices were obviously faked and put in. I think they were afraid people would spend hours watching this live episode and no one would hear or see anything to call in about, and so they added some stuff. The fact that they did that made me loose my interest in the show and I have not watched it since.

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    i somewhat agree with Epona on the ghosthunters thing. i have sort of lost interest there as well. as for lost tapes they are not real and the stories are not real either. such a shame for a show like that like that would have real stories would be much more intersting. like monsterquest, although with any of these shows you really come away from them with your own thoughts. it is not for people who do not have an open mind.

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    I believe the stuff I see on PRS, Lost Tapes and Ghost Adventures more so.

    Ghost Hunters is ehhhhh~!

    Plus the stuff you see on Lost Tapes show us about creatures we have never seen or heard of o_o

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    I absolutely believe in the stories from Lost Tapes. They do seem real and aside from the chupacabra one I think those mythical creatures do exist. I would set chupacabra aside because I already knew about it...I'm hispanic so that's just something you grow up with.

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    Lost Tapes really freaks me out

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    most reality ghost hunter- like shows are 90 per cent staged.- sorry folks.

    No, I do not get sucked into them

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