The Sims 3 need to play without Disk Driver broken?

I need to know how to play the sims 3 without the disk. My DVD-Rom driver is not working I have already downloaded it but now I cant play because my driver is not reading the disk. Can someone please Tell me in plain english how to play without the can e-mail if you do not want to post it my e-mail is


ok I tryed that but the only thing I keep getting is error messages that say cannot create TS3.exe, access is denied, and no files to extract

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    You just need a patch. It's what I use so I don't have to lug the CD with me everywhere I go with my laptop.

    Here's the patch I downloaded:

    You'll find the download link in the second section (or box). It will say Download this torrent. It's an easy link to overlook so watch out for it cause you may miss it.

    You'll need a Torrent program such as BitTorrent to actually get the download going and another program called WinRAR to extract the file.

    Both are free here:



    The instructions are in the link.

    When you download the file from the link above BitTorrent should automatically pop up asking you if you're okay with the download and if you'd like the select the files being downloaded. Just pay no attention to everything else and hit okay. The download will start.

    Once it's finished downloading just open the file you downloaded by right clicking it in BitTorrent and clicking Open. Then double click the file and it should open in WinRAR. At the top of WinRAR there should be an icon that will say "Extract". Click it and find this Directory in your computer:

    C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin

    Hit okay at the bottom of the window and WinRAR will begin extracting the file to the directory you specified. Once extracted there your computer should ask you if you would like to replace the file with the existing one, hit Yes or Okay and it will replace the original file of the Sims 3 that needs the CD with the new one that is cracked and will not need the CD.

    Now once all of that is finished you will need to delete the shortcuts that the Sims 3 has automatically installed onto your Desktop (if you chose that option) and make a new shortcut with TS3, the new one that you downloaded. Everything should run fine after that if you did it all right.

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    Besides going in the store and stealing it or borrowing it from a friend (if a friend downloaded online)? You can't play the PC game unless you have a working computer and Sims disc, or if you've downloaded it online. I had a friend who downloaded a torrent of the Sims 2, but he said the game graphics were so crappy in the pirated version that he could barely make out what was happening so he deleted it. Plus, downloading illegal torrents might get your computer a nice, fat virus that's hard to remove. Not a risk I'd take with my computer. (BTW, my friend used a computer at work to illegally download it, lol.)

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