Is this child Endangerment?

my sister is a 24 year old prostitute in the state of texas...she has a 6 year old daughter who lives in the house with another prostitute and a pimp. In this house she (the 6 year old) is around drugs and abuse. How do we gain get custody of her..My sister is now on drugs and far gone. She had assaulted our mother and is not concerned about her child or her welfare. What could we do?


Thanks for the quick response...I have contacted child protective services....and was told my sisters profession has nothing to do with her being a bad parent. When I told them she was on drugs and smoked around her baby...the investigator informed me that as long as the child could not have them in her possession there was nothing that she could do. The conditions are not what we would think....she lives in a 4000 sq ft house and has a nanny. On the outside looking in she i being taken care of...however her psychological state and well being are in question here. My sister is a whopping 100lbs and irrational. My concern is that if a case worker doesn't give 2 cents they will take her surrounding(the house, and nanny) as an indication that she is not in any danger.

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    Conatct social services child welfare (protection) and file a report and / or call the police and have them do a welfare check on the child.

    If conditions are as you say, the police will call social services on the spot and an investigation will commence then and there.

    Courts have found that even being under the influence with no other "sober" adults in the house is child endangerment. That would suffice for reasonable suspicion the child is not being cared for.

    Taking your information at face value, this child's well being is severely impacted even though the mother may not be intentionally harming the child.

    EDIT: well so money is what matters in Texas. and elsehwre also I am afraid. Must be only poor hookers have their children removed. If SS will not do anything, you can bring a private casue of action , but those rarely succeed. If there are no outward signs of physical abuse, and I have to assume she hasn't been arrested enough to make a impression, all you can do is keep the line sof communication open, back down, make friends with your sister. Apologize. Do what it takes to be in the inner circle. If you care about the child , you need to have acess to the child. Be a friedn not an enemy. Only taht way can you keep tabs, and if you will, obtain evidence. If there is no evidence, then you will be making a huge difference in your nieces life, and that is what you want, isn't it??

    Source(s): lawyer and former judge
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    Hire a good lawyer and simply sue for custody, your lawyer will be able to give you step by step information on the process. You may have to spend a few dollars for the suit but once in, there is not a judge in the world who will allow these people to keep custody of that child, given what you wrote here is true.

    If you cannot afford this, contact Social Services, they will make sure that a suitable guardian is found. It is highly likely that person would be you, however not as certain as a custody suit would be.

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    I'm not sure what the specific department would be in Texas, but it would be something like family services. I would contact them and tell them everything that's been going on with the child and then ask for advice on how you can become the child's guardian. It's possible it's going to be a long process and possibly expensive, but it would definitely be worth it for the child. I hope this helps and good luck.

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    Yes, no child should be exposed to this, go to child protective services and tell them you want custody, I would think they could guide you from there.

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    yes you need to get a good lawyer and gain custody if you call CPS than they are more likely going to take her to a foster home and it will be harder

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