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Is Kaspersky anti-virus better or Norton anti-virus?

I'm getting a new anti viruss so which one is better Kaspersky anti-virus or Norton anti-virus?And why?

PS:Don't tell that get Avast and other anti viruses.

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    Kaspersky all the way.

    1. much less intrusive than Norton. You tell it to always disinfect quietly, it will never ever ever bother you, unlike Norton.

    2. Norton will always detect keygens & stuff as threats even if they're not (one of the reason its threat database is bulkier, because it doesn't just detect system threats but threats to the "big companies" bank accounts).

    3. Kaspersky processes occupy much less system resources that Norton.

    4. Heuristic detection way better than all of the other antiviruses combined. That means it will accurately detect viruses that aren't known yet like stuff that just appeared and wasn't yet analyzed by virus labs.

    5. The Internet security package from Norton is outrageously overpriced. It has nothing really useful over Kaspersky to justify the extra bucks.

    6. The Firewall in the Internet Security package from Kaspersky is brilliant. I dare to say it comes close to the Linux firewalls. In two clicks you can make sure you computer is under lockdown.

    My antivirus preferences:

    1. Kaspersky

    2. BitDefender

    3. NOD32 (the new version, the old one is decent, but not good enough)

    4. Norton & McAffee

    Source(s): I used to work for BitDefender, we studied the market
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  • Ed G
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    They are both good, I've used them both. Their detection and removal rate is very close. If someone tells you one is much better than the other, that is just their opinion, not based on tests of anti-virus software. Norton's Signature-based detection is a little higher. Kaspersky proactive detection (heuristic) is better. Kaspersky allows a user to tweak it a little more. Norton is a better set and forget program. I like Kaspersky anti-virus a little more than Norton's. I like Norton Internet Security a lot more than Kaspersky Internet Security. Norton's web protection is better and it runs lighter on the Internet Security. Next month Kaspesky is coming out with Kaspersky 2010 which is going to allow the user to surf the web in a sandbox. This feature is going to put Kaspersky ahead of almost all the Security programs. I would bet that by the end of this year all security programs will offer that feature. Both Norton and Kaspersky offer a free trial, give each one a try and see which one works best for you.

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    Source(s): Amazing Protection Antivirus Software -
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  • Filip
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    1 decade ago

    Well,kaspersky is a lot better than Norton.

    So,get kaspersky.

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  • 4 years ago

    Norton is the best security but consume more space to run and keep your system low I always prefer Kaspersky because it is verry chip and fast

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