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Should I feel bad if I kill a bug or insect?

I was thinking about this earlier today when I was about to kill a little baby spider. I didn't kill it and I spared it's life, but what would have happened if I did kill it?

Do little spiders and other bugs have the just as much of a right to live here as I do? What if they sneak in my home uninvited, can I dispose of them than or do I allow them into my home and treat them with kindness?

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    It's all up to you, but if it were me, I'd feel very, VERY bad. Before you kill any insect or spider, pretend you are the target. The insects are probably just trying to find shelter and survive in this harsh world. Usually, I would just catch it and throw it back outside. Of course, they probably think that your house is just a big, safe cave or something...but I would say that they have every right to live in your house: they were here first before people demolished their habitats to build the house. Anyways, it's all up to you, I'm just making a suggestion.

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    Kill them all! Spiders are insects silly.

    Why don't you look at it like this scenario instead....

    If I kill a bug, nothing will happen.

    If I kill a bum, I get time.

    If I kill the president, I'd get life.

    Do you see what changed here? It was the same sin, but the punishment became more severe according to the authority. God has ALL authority.. so, His judgement is more severe.

    We have all sinned against Him though as humans we compare ourselves to man.. we believe our sins are not that bad. Therefore, since we've ALL sinned against the only eternal God we ALL deserve eternal hell!

    Do know what God did so you didn't have to go there? You might remember.. the Jesus Christ story you've always heard.. Well, this is what it was for. He did the MOST LOVING THING that you will EVER hear in your entire life..... HE took the sins that we deserve on Himself & took the punishment on Himself, died on the cross & rose again... and said, it is finished. Our sins can be atoned for now. Father God will see us as perfect & we can enjoy paradise with Him in heaven!

    That's the GOOD NEWS!!!


    Just KNOWING ABOUT what Jesus did, doesn't mean you are saved from hell. Just like a parachute can't save you if you know it exists.

    "You believe that there is one God. Good!

    Even the demons believe that—and shudder."

    (James 2:19)

    You must REPENT: which means (turn away from your sins - this doesn't mean that you are perfect, and that you never sin, but that you will constantly be growing)

    & have FAITH & put your TRUST in Jesus for EVERYTHING you do! Like you would in a parachute. Clench onto Him as you would in a parachute in everything you do from now on. He will save you, give you new desires & a new heart. <--- That's what being born-again means.

    If you completely TRUST in Him you will know & trust that what His word (the bible) says, is True! Those are His love letters to you! He wants to speak to you & know you as much as He wants you to know Him.

    Read your bible daily (Read the gospel of Matthew & John - Jesus is speaking about everything we need to know there, right before He went away to die for us.) & THEN He will start answering your prayers!

  • Spiders are arachnids, not insects. And if you can remove them without killing them, it's not a bad idea. But most insects who find their way into my home are going to get killed.

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    I don't feel bad if they're inside...they're scavenging our food and creating an unhealthy living environment - plus they scare me. Especially if it's a spider, it could be a threat to my family.

    If they're outside, I leave them alone. I teach my daughter not to bother insects outside also.

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    I feel the same way

    I don't like killing things when I can just dispose of them and let them live

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    I feel guilty, but I don't spare spiders or mosquitos. I mean, what the hell, mosquitos have absolutely no purpose in this world. At all.

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    I wouldn't be all happy about it . They were born here. Just like you and I and they have all the right to existence as you and do. If you can prevent the death of any animal, then you should.

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    it's up to you man, nobody should tell another person what to feel bad about.

    There are so many spiders and bugs. I think it's better to feel bad when you shoot a panther, a koala or another endangered animal

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    I always do, I feel really bad, I put them outside when I can. roaches I never feel bad about killing them.

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