Sad news !Mexico will not go to the beach soccer world Cup!!!!?

Mexico tied 2-2 with Costa Rica them but lost in penalties.

El salvador beat USA . 5-3

so El salvador goes and costa rica goes for the first time.

MExico and USA wont go for the first time.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I mean it sucks, because in the 2007 world cup I believe Mexico came in second place. They lost the final vs. Brazil. And now they cant make it to the next world cup....oh well, i guess it just shows the consistancy of the FMF. Like:

    World Cup sub 17, first champions in 2005 then next WC in 2007 Mexico dosent qualify.

    World Cup sub 20 in 2007 Mexico participates, then dont qualify for 2009.

    Copa Confederaciones, 4rth place in 2006 then dont qualify for 2009.

    Olympics 2004 Athens, Mexico participates, then Olympics 2008 we dont go.

    Then in 2007, World Beach Cup, Mexico is 2nd place vs. Brazil. The next WC in 2008 they dont get out of the group stages and in 2009 dont even qualify to the WC.

    I know this isnt a big deal for Beach futbol in Mexico, but it is just adding to these "trends" Mexico has been having, in el Tri Mayor, sub 17, or sub is wrong with the FMF, seems we taking a step back instead of foward.

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    1 decade ago

    wow, just think, last year they made it to the finals with Brazil and know they didn't even qualify.......Reminds me of another team in Mexico who got far in the Copa America, but probably won't even qualify to E l Mundial....

  • 1 decade ago

    so what this isnt important right now the important thing is mexico going to the world cup


  • its a foreshadow of wat could happen if el tri dont get their $hiit straight, could end up like el tri from beach soccer

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