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請幫我翻譯 Introduction2

By 2027,an esti mated 5 mil lion Tai wan ese – more than one in five –are expected to be senior cit i zens. As the sig nif i cant impact

that a rap idly aging pop u la tion will have on Tai wan’s soci -

etal and eco nomic devel op ment can be pre dicted and

planned for, devel op ing and enact ing appro pri ate health

and wel fare pol i cies for the aged should be a pri or ity for


Long-term care facil i ties, a topic rel e vant to both

senior hous ing and health care, rep re sent an impor tant

com po nent of over all senior health and wel fare pol i cies.

Such facil i ties range widely, from inde pend ent liv ing ar -

range ments (such as retire ment com mu ni ties and apart -

ments) to assisted-living res i dences and skilled nurs ing

facil i ties. How ever, lit tle has been done to review and

address the impor tance of long-term care facil ity design in

a sys tem atic man ner. Ensuring that long-term care facil ities

are designed and imple mented in an inno va tive, effec -

tive man ner is an issue cen tral to achiev ing con tin ued

improve ments in long-term care qual ity for our increas -

ingly aging pop ulation.

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    By 2027, an estimated 5 million Taiwanese – more than one in five – are expected to be senior citizens.到了2027年,預期會有五百萬的台灣人─ 超過五分之一人口 ─ 將成為耆英 (譯者註:年過65歲的人)。As the significant impact that a rapidly aging population will have on Taiwan’s societal and economic development can be predicted and planned for, 基於人口迅速老化對於台灣社會及經濟發展的重大影響是可以預見和計畫的,developing and enacting appropriate health and welfare policies for the aged should be a priority for policymakers.發展和制定適於長者的健康及福利政策應該是決策者首要的事項。Long-term care facilities, a topic relevant to both senior housing and health care, represent an important component of over all senior health and welfare policies. 長期護理設施,一個關係到長者居住及醫療保健的事項,是一切老年人醫療和福利政策重要的成分。Such facilities range widely from independent living arrangements (such as retirement communities and apartments) to assisted-living residences and skilled nursing facilities. 這些設施的範圍廣泛的從獨立住所(如退休社區和公寓),到有助理設施的居所和熟練的醫護人員。However, little has been done to review and address the importance of long-term care facility design in a systematic manner. 但是,有系統的審查和針對長期護理設施的重要性方面卻做得很少。Ensuring that long-term care facilities are designed and implemented in an innovative, effective manner is an issue central to achieving continued improvements in long-term care quality for our increasingly aging population.確保以創新及有力的態度來設定及實行長期護理設施是達成讓我們漸增的老化人口長期護理素質不斷進步的重要環節。

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    在2027年之前,esti聯接了5米爾獅子蒼白ese的Tai -超过一個在五-預知是資深cit我zens。

    因為信號nif我傾斜衝擊無所事事地變老流行音樂u la tion的斥責在Tai蒼白soci將有- 等和eco普通的devel操作ment可以前dicted和計劃為, devel操作ing和制定ing appro pri吃了健康並且wel車費政客我的cies年邁的應該是一pri或ity為政府決策人員。長期關心facil我領帶,題目rel e vant對兩個資深hous ing和醫療保健, rep關於送了tant一的impor com po nent結束所有資深健康和wel車費政客我cies。這樣facil我廣泛栓範圍,從inde pend耳鼻喉科的liv ing ar - 範圍ments (例如退休ment com mu ni領帶和分開- ments)對協助居住的res我dences和熟練的nurs ing facil我領帶。 多麼,被點燃的tle完成回顧和演講長期關心facil ity設計impor tance sys tem atic人ner。 保證長期關心facil ities 被設計,並且imple在tive的inno VA mented, effec - tive人ner是問題cen tral對achiev ing ued的騙局錫改進在長期關心qual ity的ments我們的increas的- ingly變老的流行音樂ulation。

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