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The most important layer is the tree layer,which(1)of the larger,move vigorous and more mature trees.Underneath are the younger and smaller trees and shrubs that form the shrub layer. If shafe(2)by the trees and shrubs together(3)too dense,there will be enough light for a layer of early flowering herbaceous plants(4)the shrubs.On the soil surface,but under the herbaceous layer,there can be a covering of mosses,liverwords and lichens as well as seedlings of herbaceous plants,shrubs and trees that(5)the ground layer.

(1)(a)is consisted(b)compounds(c)comprising(d)is composed

(2)(a)cast(b)casting(c)casted(d)being casted

(3)(a)is(b)is not(c)are(d)are not


(5)(a)contain(b)composite of(c)make of(d)make up

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    1. (c) comprising


    (1) which 後面接 動名詞或分詞當形容詞子句

    (2) 查字典, 只有comprise 後面該放 '組成的結果' 而不是 '組成的成分'

    2. (c) casted

    If + 分詞 當條件子句

    3. (b) is not

    主詞是前面形容的情況, 所以用單數的動詞 is. 看文意是指上層的樹若沒有很密集, 所以要加 not

    4. (d) under

    看文意, 指的是 shrubs的下一層, 所以選 under

    5. (d) make up

    查字典, 只有make up 後面該放 '組成的結果' 而不是 '組成的成分'

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