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How can I get good posture?

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I have a habit of slouching, looks bad in photos, makes me look less confident in general... help!
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People are saying its as easy as "JUST THINK IT AND YOULL START DOING IT", if it were that easy then you wouldn't be asking this right now. Another factor to consider is that you probably aren't too aware of your muscles that make up your posture. To answer this you have to understand what makes up your posture, that is....your spinal erector muscles, more commonly known as your lower back.

What are some things you can do to improve your posture? You can start by doing simple prone bridge and holding it for 30 seconds or as long as possible for 3-5 sets, the carryover strength from that to posture is amazing. If your not sure what a prone bridge looks like heres one i found on google images:


Yoga is also a really great way to strengthen your core and lower back, i recommend going for a really intense power yoga class which really works all aspects of your core, thus enabling you to have better posture.

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Thanks this is very practical, I will try your tips.
Thanks to everyone for the good suggestions.
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  • larry answered 10 months ago
    stand straight

    walk straight
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  • MascianMamba answered 6 years ago
    As the saying goes, "the best way to forget a bad habit is to replace it with a good one."

    Be constantly aware of your posture. Practice sitting up straight and standing up straight. Keep your shoulders level and look directly in front of you. When you lie down, keep your back straight.

    Small things go a long way. Hope this piece of information helps! :)
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  • Leo answered 6 years ago
    if you dont have already have a chair that is made for helping posture, a curved one, then get one, and practce good posture...
    after standing or sitting for more than 10 minutes, stop and check your posture
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  • el luchedor answered 6 years ago
    Choose certain times of the day to correct your posture. Associate these times with things you do EVERY day.

    When you drive in your car...sit up straight.

    When you sit at your computer...sit up straight.

    When you have meals...sit up straight.

    When you walk...stand up straight.

    Work on building your core strength to support this. Do sit-ups, crunches, planks, and lower back exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.
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  • Elmo answered 6 years ago
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  • ? answered 6 years ago
    stop slouching on your sofa etc an sit on a hard back chair, shoulders back chest out!
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  • ALL HAIL JESUS! answered 6 years ago
    This works....

    Say out loud, several times a day "I have EXCELLENT posture.''

    It's amazing. You won't need to say it forever... about a week will do...
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  • How can I get good posture?
    I have a habit of slouching, looks bad in photos, makes me look less confident in general... help!
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