In what state can a minor (age 16) and an adult (mid 20's) get married with parental consent?

Don't judge when you don't know the situation. :) thank you very much.

Just answer the question please. Is there a state where if the minor has parental consent they can get married to an adult. And if so, is the married couple allowed to have sex after they are married without any kind of statutory rape charges being able to be filed?

And... no, don't advise against getting married "just to have sex" that's not what's going on.

Thanks ahead of time. :D

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    Go to that page and scroll down. It will tell you the minimum age you can get married in a particular state, with or without parental and/or judicial consent.

    Now as to whether or not you can have sex with your lawful spouse, that depends on the state and you haven't given us that. In some states, if you are lawfully married, you can have sex but in others, you cannot (it would still be statutory rape and marriage would be no barrier to prosecution). To give you an accurate answer, we really need to know what state you are talking about.

    For example, Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin back in the late 1950's (I think). It was legal for him to have sex with her in his state, but when he took her to the UK, that was illegal and there was a terrible fuss over it.

    Good luck!

  • jrs
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    I believe you can get married in any state at age 16 with parental consent

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    Actually, in most states, you can get married at the age of 16 with parental and/or judicial consent.

    As for the sex part, I'm not too sure about that... but if you're married, then sex shouldn't be illegal right?

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    nicely chum i assume no state facilitates a minor to be married legally or truly is a suicide for the state government to allow. yet right here's a loophole of the regulation which you're able to make the main.a woman who has attained the age of puberty can marry out of her very own unfastened will in basic terms ingredient is that her marraige wont be formally called of now.yet while she attains majority the marraige will then be voidable at her selection.keep in mind voidable and not void. It capacity the female has an option to disown the marraige then or can proceed out of her very own unfastened will.If the latter happens then in basic terms at that element the state will know the marraige as legal yet no longer now at modern-day untill the girl will become a important.

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    My guess would be Kentucky and Tennessee. You may even be able to get married in your state with parental consent.

  • Anonymous
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    You can with parent consent it most states

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