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Is Carlos Pena on the drugs?

People have been speculating about (current) Tampa Bay Rays slugger Carlos Pena and steroids but this year its seems more plausible then ever. Tonight he hit his 22nd homer of the season (that's just too less then the homerun leader, Albert Pujolous, who's also somewhat questionable.) His average isn't the best (.238) but it seems like when he does hit it, there's a good chance its going over the fence. The things that really make me wonder is his emphatic dropping of the ball when he gets a hit (just like Manny :P) and his awkward holding his helmet while rounding the bases on homers lol... what are you guy's thoughts??

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    Well it's possible, but remember the guys that have big numbers are usually tested for it every 2 weeks or something like that.Maybe. But I see your point, though I am both sided. I think he could be, but not sure.

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    Good hitters shouldn't automatically attract suspicion about steroid use, but unfortunately that's what the MLB has can't even trust their own team's players. There is no reason to believe that Carlos Pena or Albert Pujols or any other slugger is juicing...other than the fact that they put up good numbers, there's no evidence.

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    Pena is a power hitter who strikes out and doesn't have a great average because he is not a huge huge Albert Pujols type guy, so he hits his homeruns by using a long, homerun uppercut swing. While Pujols does it with a good average useing a short compact power stroke.

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    Wow. how is albert pujols somewhat questionable? How does the action of the bat after ball contact indicate steroid use? are you on drugs?

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    average and home runs dont correlate..... home run hitters dont always have a great average, mcgwire-- while juiced still only hit like .260....... pena hit 40+ bombs last year... hes a power hitter and has really been the same body type since he first came up with detroit, i think hes clean and just a power guy!

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    Who knows he use to be a nobody until he got to the Rays.

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    with all the drugs in baseball right now, u never know!

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