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London in November what to ?

My 3 best friends and i are going to london the first week in November (cold compared to tucson, Az that i know), what kind of clothes should we pack, what kind of weather should we expect, where should we go/do (on a budget), any city events going on at this time?

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    yes it might be a bit cool and wet, but why let that put you off? ... London never gets that cold and coming "out of season" there will be fewer tourists around ... but the tourist attractions run all year round so you can still see everything, just with less queues ... for clothes you need to think of layers, eg a vest, over the top of that a T-shirt, over the top of that a fine-knit jumper, over the top of that a fleece or woollen jacket, and over the top of that (if necessary) a thin waterproof coat or umbrella ... that way you can add on layers or take them off to be comfortable ... if you don't possess a hat and gloves you can easily buy them here ... weather here in the UK is notoriously unpredictable so it's hard to say for sure what it will be like this November ... there are countless websites describing London's attractions, such as http://www.visitlondon.com/ ... one event England-wide at the beginning of November is Guy Fawkes, otherwise known as Bonfire Night, have a look at http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/customs/gu... ... they do a good fireworks display at Alexandra Palace (underground to Wood Green and walk from there) ... the town of Lewes in Sussex celebrates in style but be warned that the whole town is closed to traffic so you would need to travel there earlier in the day and maybe find somewhere to stay overnight if you want to join in ... there are many things to do in London for free such as all the major museums, and look at this website for ideas http://www.londonforfree.net/index.php

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