Good depressing songs?

What are some good songs like miserable at best by mayday parade?

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    Mend these broken hearts again - Vince Gill

    Nobody Knows me - Lyle Lovett

    The best I ever had - Vertical Horizon

    Gettin better all the time - Brooks and Dunn

    Best I'll ever be - Sister Hazel

    Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate

    Trouble is - The Warren Brothers

    Home - Michael Buble

    Love Song - 311 (I like this version better than the original)

    I am the Highway - Audioslave

    Hello - Evanesence

    This time Imperfect - AFI

    Everytime - Britney Spears

    Drive - The Cars

    Probably Wouldnt be this way - Leann Rhymes

    This Ruined Puzzle - Dashboard Confessional

    This Brilliant Dance - Dashboard Confessional

    Hope youre happy - Dashboard Confessional

    Dont walk away - Michael Jackson

    Goodbye Girl - Hootie and the Blowfish

    Going Under - Evanesnece

    Send me someone to love - Fiona Apple

    Im stupid - HIM

    Warning - Incubus

    Broken Vow - Josh Groban

    Tonight I want to cry - Keith Urban

    Alot of things different - Kenny Chesney

    Photograph - Nickleback

    Simple kind of life No Doubt

    Untitled - Simple Plan

    Pieces - Sum 41

    Broken Angel - Hanson

    Never get to love me - Justin Timberlake

    Never Ever - All saints

    Unreachable Ashlee Simpson

    I cant make you love me - Bonnie Raitt

    I Surrender - Celine Dionne

    Goodbye Time - Blake Shelton

    Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional

    The Space Between - Dave Matthews Band

    I will love again - Lara Fabain

    You know youre right - Nirvana

    Goin Crazy - Natalie

    She Cant be really gone - Tim Mcgraw

    Faithfully - Journey

    Lost Cause - Beck

    When I look to the sky - Train

    Lifetime - Maxwell

    Trouble - Coldplay

    Come a little closer - Dierks Bentley

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    1 decade ago

    no love_simple plan.

    built for sin_framing hanley.

    the day i left the womb_ escape the fate.

    my heroine_silverstein.

    my immortal_evanescence

    discovering the waterfront_silverstein.

    fall for you_secondhand serenade.

    misery loves its company_red jumpsuit.

    perfect situation_weezer.

    represent_red jumpsuit.

    some will seek forgiveness, others escape_underoath.

    the last night_skillet.

    untitled_simple plan.

    when i hit the ground_ace enders.

    when you're gone_avril lavigne.

    idk if these are all "depressing" but i did my best.

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    Just 10 I could find off the top of my head

    1. Trisha Yearwood : How do I Live

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    2. Mariah Carey : My All

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    3. No Doubt : Don't Speak

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    4. Sarah McLachlan : Angel

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    5. Matchbox Twenty : Rest Stop

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    6. Rihanna : Cry

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    7. Hinder : Better Than Me

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    8. Daughtry : Its Not Over

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    9. Ozzy and Lita Ford : If I Close My Eyes Forever

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    10. Pink Floyd : Comfortably Numb

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    It's not a song, but the Wedding March depresses me to the point of suicide. The thought of all those idiots throwing their lives away on love's young dream..................

    Still, all marriages are happy. It's the living together afterwards that's sheer hell.

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  • Erica
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    I'll be Home for Christmas

    That last line of "if only in my dreams" just kills me; how sad!

  • 1 decade ago

    This is a Christmas question?

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