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POLL: Edge or Randy Orton?

2 of the greatest heels in the WWE.

Who do you think is better overrall?

The Rated R Superstar Edge or The Legend Killer Randy Orton?

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    Edge is better than Randy Orton in every area possible in the ring Edge on the mic Edge charisma Edge gimmick Edge seriously how can you not love Edge? Randy Orton was a great heel in 2007-2008 but he has gone down now and he hasn't been impressive lately. Edge and Randy are some of my favorites but i say Edge is better than Orton in all aspects of wrestling.

    In the ring Edge is much better Undertaker even said Edge is like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Edge has much more experience and has wrestled in much more matches including gimmick matches. Edge has had multiple TLC matches and Edge was one of the best in WWE until he got lazier in the ring. Edge can do some flying maneuvers occasionally and he shows much more in ring prowess not to mention moveset which is how every superstars seems to be compared these days. Edge has submissions mat wrestling and he's a much more well rounded competitor than Randy Orton. Edge carries his opponent much better than Randy Orton can. Randy Orton has decent in ring ability but Edge is superior when it comes to in the ring.

    On the mic Edge is one of the greatest in WWE today no doubt. Randy Orton has solid mic skills and i understand its part of his gimmick to be slow and kind of dull but it still shows Edge puts much more emotion and heat into his promos. Randy Orton never really heats up a feud or makes amazing promos Edge has created great promos and he has shown much more on the mic than Randy Orton. In charisma it's closer but i would say again Edge because as faces both got the right amount of fan reaction but Edge was more popular and liked and Randy Orton hated being a face. As heels Edge gets more constant heat than Randy Orton. Randy Orton's crowd reaction when he comes out is mostly cheers while Edge has gotten tremendous heat in the past and gets a great amount of heat now.

    Gimmick goes to Edge it's more believable and it's much more entertaining. Randy Orton's gimmick is simply not believable he kicks the boss and multiple superstars in the head but he gets absolutely no punishment what is WWE trying to do insult our intelligence? Randy Orton was supposed to be the cold deadly heel like he was in 2007-2008 but now he portrays a coward running away from everything when it just doesn't fit his look. Edge as a coward fit he had the face and he truly did a better job in his Ultimate Opportunist gimmick. Edge portrays his gimmick in a much better way than Randy Orton. Also if you noticed Randy Orton is considered boring by the fans while Edge is entertaining.

    Another factor is this Edge carried Smackdown ever since he joined the brand in 2007 and he has made it watchable until 2009. Edge had some great feuds with Undertaker and really made Smackdown entertaining. We're into two months of Raw being the Randy Orton show and lets just say Raw hasn't been interesting. Raw has been dull and boring so far with Batista Triple H and Randy Orton. Randy Orton has failed to carry Raw he might carry it in the future because we can't deny Randy has talent but Edge carried Smackdown for two years so the ability to carry a show goes to Edge.

    Randy Orton is a good superstar decent in ring ability solid mic skills and good charisma but he is outmatched by Edge in all those aspects. Edge has created better feuds and matches than Randy has so far. Edge has better in ring ability mic skill charisma and he gets more boos than Randy Orton. So i would say Edge without a doubt.

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  • Zach
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    1 decade ago

    The Legend Killer Randy Orton!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Randy Orton.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Edge is better, IMO.

    Randy Orton Failed to carry RAW for two months and his PPV matches againt Batista were awful. He spent most of the time just running away and it made him look like a weak Chapion.

    He always has to have Priceless next to him to help him win a match, no matter what match it is....

    Randy Ortons gimmick is also, non believeable, he comes out looking like a tough bada$$, only to run away like a silly little girl.

    While Edge, he cheats, yeah, because hes a heel and should get heat from the fans, but does he run away when the chances are stacked against him? No. Does he cut the same robotic promo every week? No he does not.

    And plus, Edge can make some great matches and make anyone look good in the ring, while Orton, the other guy has to carry him throughout the match......

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love this poll!!! So equal... but...

    The Ultimate Opportunist, The Rated R Superstar:

    E D G E ! ! !

    He´s nine time world champion, even some of them weren´t "deserved".

    He got a lot more great matches than Randy Orton!

    TCL matches w/Hardy Boyz & Dudley Boys.

    Feuds with Undertaker, Batista, John Cena & Jeff Hardy.

    It´s easier to like Edge than RKO injuring everyone and hiding behind Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase...

    ADAM COPELAND is way better wrestler than "Lady" Orton.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Edge, definitely.

    With in ring skills, Edge is better. Randy Orton's moveset is boring and more limited. With mic skills, Edge is better. Randy Orton's mic skills are good though he sound like a robot. Edge, in the mic, is like a natural villain. With the gimmick, Edge of course. Randy Orton's gimmick is a boring viper trying to punt people while Edge is the Ultimate Opportunist, a very entertaining one.

    So, Edge wins.

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  • Without doubt edge

    1)edge is a 9 time world championorton a 5

    2)edge is had legendary matches like the ladder matches and the hardcore with foley and the undertaker macth at mania,orton up to date hasnt quite

    3)both solid on the mic but edge brings more passion and entertainment in his promos whereas orton speaks in a slow


    4)better overall moveset except for the rko

    5)better has a face and a hell as he has done things that orton hasnt

    so the rated r superstar is better but orton has time on his side but he did say he doesnt want to be wrestling at an older age where he has to fight for a paycheck. he has better storylines as well and beat orton the last time they fought

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  • 1 decade ago

    Edge >>> Randy Orton


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  • 1 decade ago

    Edge is better all around.

    Edge has great mic skill. Currently on of the best in wwe. Randy orton's mic skill are decent. But edge's are great.

    Edge has lots of charsima. As a face he gets cheered as a heel he gets booed. He does his job as a face and a heel great.

    Edge is a better wrestle than randy orton. His moves are better and he is technical. orton is ok.

    Edge also seems more pationate and dedicated to the business. He is a great worker and one of my favorite wrestlers of all time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Randy Orton is the Best

    *The Legend Killer*

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It would have to be Edge. They are both great wrestlers, great entertainers, have great gimmicks, are very charismatic, and have awesome mic skills. Both have had great careers so far in WWE and have had great matches, rivalries, title runs, etc. But I think Edge is better because he has been there longer than Orton and has more knowledge and experience in the business. They are both top stars in WWE and by the end of their careers they will be able to look back and know they did awesome. They never get boring to me really, there are moments when they can but that quickly changes. There gimmicks are so believeable and entertaining. And they always find new ways to freshen their gimmicks up so they don't get boring. Their mic skills are very good and they can cut very good promos, they are always very interesting ones. Their wrestling ability is awesome, they have a mix of strength, speed, & stamina. They are very good technical wrestlers and scout there opponents well. But overall I would say Edge just beats Orton.

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